Natalie Portman got special vegan shoes.

Why can't we?

A unique series of Christian Dior vegan shoes was recently created for Natalie Portman, spokeswoman for the designer's fragrance, "Miss Dior Cherie". Portman enjoyed wearing the cruelty-free shoes while working on the ad campaign for Dior's perfume. The shoes were replicas of Dior's main shoe line, save the fact that they contained no animal-derived materials.

PortmaPlease, Mr. Dior: Support Cruelty-Free Footwear!(42321)Credit: Ian Britton/FreeFoto.comn, an outspoken vegan, reportedly said she felt good about working with Dior because the designer shoes were leather-free and cruelty-free, in alignment with her chosen ethical lifestyle.

Portman's Vegan Shoe Venture

Back in 2008, cruelty-conscious Portman tried to market her own line of glamorous vegan shoes through a company called Te Casan. The shoes followed a no-animal-product recipe and cost the public between $200-$300, but the line did not survive.

If Christian Dior Can Create Designer Vegan Shoes for Natalie Portman, Why Can't He Do It For the Rest of Us?

Vegans, vegetarians, and other ethically-minded people prefer suede and leather-free shoes because of their humane aspect. No animals are sacrificed in the creation of vegan footwear.

Dior shoes do not typically follow this humane protocol, but the designer went out of his way to create a special footwear series just for Portman. Which begs the question: why can't Dior create vegan shoes for the rest of us, too? If Portman liked the product, it certainly seems that Dior could take advantage of her big star power to promote a more humane line of designer vegan footwear. Not that he needs the money.

It certainly was considerate of Dior to provide the starlet with apparel that made her ethically comfortable, but the gesture was in no way an act of mercy or benevolence toward animals. If the designer really felt strongly about Portman's cause, does it not follow that he might set his leather operation aside for a while and have a go at introducing his cruelty-free creations to the rest of the world?

Ethical Celebrities of Note

Portman got Dior's foot through the cruelty-free door; perhaps other like-minded celebrities will help him inch through to the other side. Notable vegan celebrities who just might have a shot at popularizing the cruelty-free movement inclue Glee's Lea Michelle, Veronica Mars actress Kristen Bell, and House actress Olivia Wilde, who was also voted PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2010.

Vegan Shoes for the Rest of Us

Until influential designers like Christian Dior take a stand against animal cruelty, everyday people with pro-animal rights standards will have to buy their cruelty-free footwear from someone else.  Check out local businesses like Target and Payless for fashionable sandals, boots, and sneakers that sport all man-made materials. Or, check online; many comfortable, interesting, cruelty-free footwear products are available for purchase in cyberspace.


Please, Mr. Dior: Support Cruelty-Free Footwear!(42331)Credit: Ian Britton/FreeFoto.comCredit: Ian Britton/