Reading through my spam box

As most of you noticed, lately we're all getting a lot of spam.  I thought it would be cool to look through my spam box and give you and myself the rundown of what is in it before I click "delete forever".

So today I've one $10,000, a million £ and countless € from various countries around the globe.  The people who want to send the money to me all seem to be high-ranking officials who are in danger and need my help or they all represent various lotteries around the globe.  I'm pretty sure if they address me as "Madam" it means they really don't have a clue who I am.

I can get various pharmaceuticals at discount price WITHOUT AN Rx...woohoo!  I'm not sure how taking Lipitor and Viagra is going to help me.  My cholesterol is fine and I don't have the parts necessary for Viagra but it seems so generous of these companies to offer.  I'll file these away for later.

Oh look I can go back to college and earn an MBA in nine short weeks if I click on this link!  Not bad seeing that I'm about ten credits short of a BA!  The kicker is I don't even have to pick up a book I just have to send money and they'll handle the rest!

According to three emails someone is looking for me!  It could be a lost friend or lover!  It also could be a bill collector or a bounty hunter - I'm passing on this one.

I see two free trips to an exotic location.  I hope they don't mean Detroit, not that I have anything against Detroit but I did once win a trip after I put my name on an entry blank at a home show.  I was pretty excited until the person who called me told me it was a trip to Nashua.  I asked him if he perhaps meant Nassau?  He said nope it says here "Nashua".  The only Nashua I know is in New Hampshire.  At the time I lived in New Hampshire, approximately twenty miles from Nashua so winning a trip there wasn't any big deal.  I had to explain to the poor guy that he was CALLING from NASHUA (obviously he was calling from another country) and the trip was probably to NASSAU.  Better skip checking out these trip offers.

Oh here's a good one, Plus Sized Clothing at Low Low Prices!  Hey I'm plus sized and I love low price clothing. Opps nope the link ends in xxx.  I don't think I'll see anyone in clothing on that site.

Speaking of XXX, it looks like a lot of people, men and women want to have a "good time" with me.  I'm not sure what their definition of a "good time" is but I bet it's not a trip to Nashua!