Let's be honest, the egg trick performed by Hibachi Chefs is probably one of the most difficult tricks to master. It takes a steady hand and a lot of broken eggs. That being said, let's get started!

First you will need a spatula about 6 - 8 inches long and 3 inches wide and a golf ball. The idea is to flick the golf ball up using the spatula and make as little sound as possible when you catch it. If it makes a loud *plang* sound then you're not cusioning the landing enough. When you flick the golf ball in the air immedietly lift the spatula and gradually let the spatula come down with the golf ball. When the golf ball makes contact with the spatula and there is little sound then you're ready to move on to an egg.

You're going to want to have plenty of eggs on hand. I'd recommend going to a discount store and buying the cheapest eggs available. Next, you're going to want a flat, level surface to practice on. Once you have your eggs you're going to learn the spinning technique. This is a very important part to learn. In fact, it's best to put the spatula down for a minute and just practice getting the egg spinning as fast as possible. This keeps the egg balanced so it will (hopefully) stay on your spatula. A slow spinning egg will simply wobble to it's doom. Start by spinning it like a top and help it spin faster using one finger by tapping the edge repeatedly. If it starts to drift off the edge of your surface tap the other side of the egg to bring it back to center. Practice this until you can keep it spinning in the center of your flat surface without cracking it.

Now for the fun part. Have your spatula closeby and get an egg spinning really fast. Quickly slide the spatula under the egg. If it's spinning fast enough it should be fairly easy to keep it on the spatula. Now, using your wrist, flick it into the air. Don't forget to bring the spatula up with it and cusion the landing as much as possible. If successful the egg will continue spinning. If it makes a crunch sound you probably will have egg whites everywhere!

That's it! Easy right? It's okay if you winde up with some egg yolks on the floor. It happens to everybody. Just keep practicing. Even trained Hibachi Chefs mess this one up all the time.