Hibiscus Floating Candle

The Benefits Of A Hibiscus Floating Candle:

One of the most beautiful and vibrant flowers in the world are characterized in hibiscus floating candles for use in home decoration. Unlike the traditional, plain, and dull floating candles you see in many water features, vases, and floating candle centerpieces, hibiscus floating candles create a warm tropical vibe in any room of the house they are used in. Differentiated by their large colorful petals, hibiscus flowers have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes, teas, as well as in home gardening to create beautiful landscapes. They have also been used extensively in gardens to attract butterflies to further enhance the dynamic artistry of a hibiscus garden. Hibiscus floating flowers exemplify everything the beautiful flower has to offer with the paradoxical contrast of fire and water.

Where To Use Floating Candles:

Floating candles can be used in a variety of decorations and settings to achieve anything from romance, to a theme of a party or event. Hibiscus floating candles, like plumeria floating candles evoke a tropical, perhaps a Hawaiian feel that would be a great addition to any Luau Hawaiian feast, or even just a beach themed party or dinner. Some unusual placements could be floating in a pool, or in a pond or water fountain. The result would be something out of the ordinary that would catch the attention of all of your guests, creating a focal point and a great conversation starter.

However, the most common use of hibiscus floating candles is floating candle centerpieces. Used to create depth and dynamics in a traditional centerpiece, floating candle centerpieces allow the light from the candle to refract in every direction through the bowl and into the water. The subtle movements of the candle as it floats carelessly around the water only further enhance the magnificent spectacle.

Types Of Hibiscus Floating Candles:

For the most part, the biggest differentiation between types of hibiscus floating candles is the size and color. Everything from the purest white and purple petals to deep reds, oranges and pinks are available just as they would be in nature. Whereas many romantic floating candles are around 2 1/4 inches in diameter, many of the most popular hibiscus candles are over 5 1/2 inches big, or twice the size. These can be great for floating pool candles, but some people prefer the smaller versions of hibiscus floating candles so that they can fit many them into one floating candle bowl. Luckily there are hibiscus floating candles available in every shape and size, so you can find exactly what you are looking for. As an added benefit, many floating candles are scented as well. The tradition hibiscus scent will be somewhat airy and tropical, a great selection for spring and summertime. There are unscented candles if you plan on purchasing many of them in bulk which may overwhelm the senses if lit all at one time.

Hibiscus floating candles are one of the easiest ways to a tropical flare to your home just for fun, or just in time for guests.