Flowers have been a common subject for tattoos for quite some time. Even when tattoos were still not socially accepted, there was already a wide range of tattoos with flower designs. However, those usually had been a minor part of the design and had only been used to complement the main subject. These days, different types of flowers are no longer flourishes in body art.

The increasing popularity can be accounted to the increasing number of women sporting tattoos. Rose is probably the most popular but there are other kinds of flowers to consider. Hibiscus is a tropical flower that also happens to be the state flower of Hawaii. A Hibiscus tattoo design can be considered as a refreshing alternative.

There are many reasons why people choose this particular specie. First of all, the wonderful form easily sets it apart from other foliage. The most common would have red or yellow petals but the truth is that there is a wide selection of colors to choose from. Its vibrancy is perfect for people who wish to flaunt their tattoos. This, however, does not mean that a Hibiscus tattoo design should always be multicolored. It can still be easily identified even if the design is monochromatic.

Most of the time, people already know the ideal placement for their tattoos. From there, they can base the size of their design. For example, if it is to be inked on the nape then the design should be just right for the area. Tattoo designers and graphic artists would find it more convenient to design if the person is already decided on the placement as well as the size of the tattoo. Finalizing the Hibiscus tattoo design is much simpler if the person knows what it means to them. If they know the feeling that the symbol should provoke, then it would be easier to visualize a design.

For instance, if they wish to use the flower as a symbol of fragility then the outline of the petals should have a more flowing feeling. Such designs can also use more subtle colors instead of the bright ones. A flower does not always have to be perceived as something gentle. Designing one with ethnic swirls and thorns would certainly have a different appeal. It is all a matter of combining all the elements to create something that is unique and meaningful to that person.