If you are considering installing hardwood flooring on your home, Hickory flooring is the second hardest flooring option. With its natural beauty, it will surely give your home a rustic kind of feel. It will also provide warmth to your feet, and is ideal for kitchens because of its durability and suitability for high traffic areas. It is able to withstand heavy objects and high volume of traffic. It is even stronger than oak and maple flooring. With proper care, hickory hardwood flooring will last you a lifetime. If you find it your hickory floor looking drab, it can be re - finish to bring back its natural shine and beauty. Is also easy to clean and is requires low maintenance.

However, there are also cons associated with hickory hardwood floors. First, you hickory hardwoods toughness makes it difficult to finish and install. Being one of the hardest domestic woods, it makes it difficult to cut, sand, and stain. However, pre-cut and pre-finished hickory woods are available in the market to address this issue. Another disadvantage to this type of flooring is tendency to shrink as it dries. The solution to this problem is to buy from a reputable manufacture that will give you a wood which was thoroughly dried. Otherwise, warping and twisting of your hardwood floor will not be avoided. It will cost you more with the repairs and replacement. One more disadvantage of hickory hardwood is that it is expensive. Its price may start from $3 - $4 per sq foot but may still go higher depending on the construction of the wood if the boards have grooves and tongues for easy installation, size and thickness of the boards, quality of the wood, and its finish. Solid hickory price is different from that of an engineered hickory. However with hickory hardwood, even if it has cost you a lot of money on your fist purchase, it is just worth the price and you still get to save money in the long run because a hickory hardwood floor is durable minimizing cost on repairs and replacements and it will surely last you a lifetime.

Hickory FlooringHickory Hardwood

Over all choosing hickory hardwood for your flooring is a natural and beautiful option for your home. You can have a hardwood floor in your home that will age with you and which can be easily maintained to always be naturally beautiful and fresh looking.