Hidden MickeyHidden Mickey Disney Pins are sold at Disneyland and Disneyworld, and also sold in Disney stores and traded or sold by collectors at shows and online. The concept is that the pin may not immediately appear to have the image of Mickey Mouse in it but after closer scrutinization you can see the image of Mickey Mouse in the pin as well as silhouettes or shadows of Mickey in the background or in the foreground of a scene that should not depict his presence. The hidden image could be simply his ears on the head of another Disney character.

The idea is that there are hidden Mickey's all over the Disney parks has lent itself to merchandising pins with hidden images of the classic Mickey Mouse image. Cleverly the Mickey Mouse ears, his entire body, or some other part of his silhouette can be found inside a pin of another Disney character. There is great enthusiasm to locate and document all the hidden Mickey's that can be found at any of the parks, in the Disney and Pixar movies and in merchandise.

Collectors can find the pins by visiting any Disney park, but they can also be as close as their fingertips. There are many online shopping sites that also have sales on the Hidden Mickey Disney Pins. The value of the pins is, of course, dependent on the rarity of the piece.

Not only is Mickey Mouse hidden among the events and shows at the Disney parks, but he also shows up in interesting places within Disney movies as well. As recently as "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl" the results of a cannon's blast produced a hidden Mickey silhouette in the air.

Mickey Mouse is an icon of the American dream. Walt Disney and his crew invented a simple and harmless mouse that captured the hearts of an entire generation of people, from the youngest to the very seasoned. The hidden Mickey Mouse was begun as a joke among the "Imagineers" at Walt Disney Studios Not So Hidden Mickeyand expanded to include any image of Mickey Mouse that may have been in plain sight but overlooked because it was not an expected piece of the scenery. Many people began looking for the hidden Mickey all around the Disney parks.

Books and blog entries have been created discussing these hidden Mickey's as well. Thanks to the popularity of a plan by Disney Imagineers at Epcot Center in Florida, the hidden Mickey pin has become a delightful addition to any true Mickey Mouse aficionado, it is a reminder that we used to be very innocent and young.. Hidden Mickey Disney Pins are a fond memory of simpler years that will never return again.