Hidden Tattoo Designs

Tattoos That Can Be Hidden

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If you're a working professional you've probably run into this problem before: you want a tattoo, but how can you keep it hidden? There are lots of great hidden tattoo ideas out there that will allow you express your ideas and creativity, yet still maintain a professional demeanor.

Before picking any tattoo, even a hidden or tiny tattoo, you should consider not only what you currently do, but what you're planning to do in the future. Actors and models should be very careful, as well as anyone planning to be involved in politics or business. Unfortunate as it is, society still has some hangups regarding tattoos. Some people also just enjoy being a bit 'stealth' in their personal style, hangups or not. 

Here are a couple hidden tattoo ideas that are easy to hide or cover up if you have to. 

Lower Back / Lower Side Tattoos

Hidden Tattoo Design Ideas

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Among the best hidden tattoo places are your lower back, side or midriff. If you work in a professional capacity, you shouldn't be required to ever reveal these parts of your body. The tattoo is easy to show off if you want to, but also easy to cover up in most situations. 

Actors and models should be careful of this kind of hidden tattoo. Even if the tattoos are tiny, you may still be required to cover it up with makeup or airbrush before a shoot or appearance. This can be a pain and may reduce your consideration for a part, so it should be taken into consideration. 

Also, for those planning to be pregnant someday, your tattoo may stretch, even if it's a tiny or hidden tattoo design. 

Tattoos on the Feet or Ankles

Hidden Tattoo Design Ideas

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Feet or ankles are great places for hidden tattoos designs. The shape and arch of your foot is perfect for nice creative designs, and tiny tattoos on the ankles are becoming more socially acceptable. There are lots of options: scripts, stars, even animals or bugs. 

Even a tiny or hidden tattoo will draw some attention to your feet, so if you don't love how they look, this isn't the place for you. Also your feet will be shown more often than the midriff or side, so be careful of that. Make sure your hidden tattoo doesn't clash with your favorite pair of shoes or heels. 

Back of the Neck

Hidden Tattoo Design Ideas

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If you have long hair, the back of the neck is a good spot for a tattoo that you can hide. Your hair will easily hide it. If the tattoo in question is tiny enough it may also work. Large tattoos  on the neck combined with short hair will almost certainly be noticed. 

If you wear a collar to work, you might want to position it so that it will cover up your tattoo. Then you can wear a t-shirt or something to show it off after hours. 

Behind the Ear

Hidden Tattoo Design Ideas

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This is a cool one. Try placing your hidden tattoo behind your ear! It won't be noticed most of the time, and it can look pretty great.

As with all hidden tattoos, make sure it's tasteful and easily hidden. Long hair can cover this one up as well, or thick-armed glasses can work.