Hide a Key Rock for Sale

Hide a Key Rock for Sale - The Ultimate in Home Security and Access

If you've ever experienced the frustration of gracefully locking yourself out of your own home, or feared that a clever intruder would guess that your spare key was simply resting under the welcome mat, you should try a time-tested invention that boosts both your home's security and your own ability to access your place: the hide a key rock. A hide a key rock is a plastic or metal replica of a normal stone or rock that escapes the notice of the untrained eye and seems to blend in perfectly with the usual environs of your home's ground and lawn. The hide a key rock is not, in fact, any old ordinary rock or stone. Quite the contrary. The hide a key rock is a highly advanced and very clever means of securing a spare key for you and your family members in a place that a would be intruded would never think to check nor be able to recognize as fake. Hide a key rocks come in many different styles, shapes and colors, so you can best fit your home's environs to the key concealer you choose for your own place.

Where Can You Get Your Own Hide A Key Rock?

Believe it or not, many people have had success making their own hide a key rock at home using soft and porous rock or stone that they then drill out with a powerful drill bit and power drill. If you choose to take this route, make sure you're wearing the proper safety equipment, including heavy work gloves since it's easy to slip on the surface of a rock you're drilling especially if the rock happens to be smooth. You don't want to drill your fingers. You should also be wearing eye protection since you can never predict when an odd fragment of stone is going to fly up from the drill bit and catch you in the eyeball.

More often than not, however, people interested in their own hide a key rock actually purchase one from a store, opting for the safer, if not also more boring, means of obtaining their own key concealment device. Most hardware stores will have a hide a key rock to sell you and so will some army surplus stores and other retail shops with a focus on security or privacy. Perhaps the best way to peruse a wide variety and stock of the many hide a key rock options is online on a special distributor's website. Amazon.com and 2dsecurity.com are two examples of sites that sell several different kinds of hide a key rocks. If you only have a certain color of rock or stone surrounding your home's door, you want to ensure you take the time and care to match up your hide a key rock with what's already on the ground around your home. Otherwise, a cunning intruder will quickly be able to spot which one is your hide a key rock and you will have essentially set out a lovely key rack for him or her to use at their leisure to enter your home with.