With so many homes and condos being built with high ceilings, lighting has never been more important.  My sister is an electrician and was surprised by how many people simply put up that basic flat light as if it was a regular height room.  They end up needing all kinds of floor lamps because the lighting is simply not good enough, and although floor lamps can be awesome in your décor, counting high ceiling lighting as part of the décor will really make the space pop.  Think of it as hanging functional art.

Pot Lights have become very popular and are another great option, but personally that can still be a little boring especially in a high ceiling entrance.  Many of the entrances today are two storey’s tall, and those pot lights are modern and will emit light, but why not make a statement?

Chandeliers are back big time.  They are more energy efficient and if a chandelier brings back memories of your grandparent’s house, then take another look.  As we checked out industrial spaces and apartments with high ceilings, we realized that those tiny room lights from yesteryear or those pot lights flush with the ceiling are simply not going to do much for the décor.

Recently my sister has been busy with chandelier and modern lighting installs, and has seen some really cool options especially for the entrance and the kitchen.  As many of these double height rooms include the kitchen, then having good and yet tasteful lighting is very important.high ceiling light fixturesCredit: amazon.com  

Crystal Chandelier - Perfect for the Entrance or Stairwell

If you think of heavy crystal pendants on your grandmas chandelier, then take a look at the modern version.  I truly thought this was a very special and yet delicate looking light fixture.  It will reflect light as well and even in the daytime when it is not on it will still look beautiful, almost like hanging art.  Very waterfall like I thought this would be perfect.

high ceiling light fixturesCredit: amazon.com

Hanging Functional Art

These waterfall style pieces are definitely art pieces, and look great in entrances or large living areas or especially over a stairwell.  They look awesome whether switched on or off and will be enjoyed just as much as a piece of art on the wall.

high ceiling light fixutresCredit: amazon.com

Over the Table Lighting

I always thought that one simple hanging pendant light was enough, but when I saw the options online I was amazed.  This would really give your table an awesome look and light it up with no shadows.  This could also be used over a work island in the kitchen.   If you are renovating an industrial condo space, something like this would definitely be an asset.  So before you consider stuffing in 50 pot lights, consider this for your dining table as an option that will really make that space pop.

high ceiling light fixturesCredit: amazon.com

Retro Crystal Pendants on a Modern Fixture

If you love the idea of crystals and the older retro styling, check this out as a possibility for over the counter or the table.  Even when this is not switched on it still would be conversation pieces.  Definitely a hanging piece of art.

The only thing you do need to remember with these pieces of hanging lighting art, they are quality and they are heavy.  It is best to have them installed professionally.  My sister does this all the time, and many times you need reinforcements in the ceiling.  This can still be done after a renovation, but really if you are investing in your space, get a professional to install this type of high ceiling lighting.  It will be worth the trouble as you don’t want your piece of art to come crashing down at your next dinner party!

Just as you would use safety measures when hanging very expensive heavy art, or installing large cabinets, you need to be safe with your lighting.

industrial steel ceiling lightCredit: amazon.com
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Vintage Industrial Pendant Lighting

So maybe you don’t really like the idea of a lot of sparkling crystal?  There are other options on the market, such as the industrial look (which I love!).  You can get this style of steel ceiling fixtures, that are perfect for that renovated old industrial space that have become popular in cities.  Many have exposed brick walls from a century ago, and sometimes adding crystal to this space doesn’t work.  If you are going for the retro but safe décor, and have the high ceilings, then check these out for styling.

You can get them for your entrance, the kitchen, over the island or table and more.  They are built with the old style in mind but with modern materials that are safe.  No more scouring the old garage sales for retro lighting that has old wiring as that is not safe. 

If you do prefer to get fixtures from old retro or antique stores, then take them to an electrician and have them rewired.  It will cost you but if you only paid a couple of dollars for it, then it is still a worthwhile investment, and have it installed professionally.

high ceiling light bulb changerCredit: amazon.com
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High Ceiling Light Bulb Changer

If you have pot lights or any other style of high lighting, then changing out the bulbs can be a pain.  There is a bulb changer on the market that can extend and is safer than having you climb ladders.  If you have a few fixtures that are inside or outside and are hard to reach then a changer such as this one would help you a lot.

High Ceiling Lighting

It is amazing just how much difference it can make to a room.  If you have the height, why not use it to your advantage?  Many of the latest fixtures are airy and not heavy feeling; they will not take away that space.  Also don’t forget to look online, there are so many options.   Take the time to choose the same way you choose your furniture and your space will feel like your own and it will pop.