Gas furnaces have evolved through time in order to bring into our homes the best heating system that mankind can offer. Advanced technology has brought a high efficiency gas furnace that can work spontaneously without using much energy; thus lowering the bills and keeping homes safe from the cold drafts of wind.

These gas furnaces can help reduce wasteful consumption of gases while bringing more warmth into the household. Consumers can choose from a wide range of high efficiency furnaces in the market by looking at the annual fuel-utilization-efficiency (AFUE) rating of the gas furnace.

This is measured as a percentage, and the higher the amount of AFUE the more efficient it is in converting gas to heat energy. State law has limited the lowest AFUE in a gas furnace to be 78 percent efficient and the maximum efficiency ratio is settled at 97 percent of AFUE.

High efficiency gas furnace can be very expensive especially when it is equipped with more features such as variable air blowers and variable heat outputs. The higher the efficiency of the gas furnace the more expensive it can be.

Gas furnaces these days that boast of high amounts of AFUE can reach up to a thousand dollars. But this type of gas furnace is a good investment for it can reduce your energy bill especially when the house is in constant need of warm air.

Choosing for the right kind of furnace for your household can be very demanding, especially when you are looking at a lifetime of usage. Look for brands that have long warranty period and make sure that the product fits your home demands.

Variable air blowers are very suitable for houses with a second floor for these can fill any corner of the room with warm air. Such an appliance works slowly but effectively and leaves no irritating noise while it goes to warm up the household.

Opt for the right size of high efficiency gas furnace for your home and make sure that the energy requirements of this furnace can meet your budget.

Consult your contractors as to the size and energy demands of a highly efficient gas furnace and the annual operating cost of having such model.

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