Buying high heels for kids is a very controversial matter. This type of footwear is perceived as being exclusively reserved for adults, and there are good reasons for that opinion. High heels are not comfortable, they are not suitable for children and they can have a bad impact on their physical development. Any pediatrician will tell you that. But, of course, that’s only true if a kid wears high heels on regular basis. High heels for kids are an option, when it’s a special event, like a wedding or an important party. Every little girl wants to look elegant and fancy, just like her mother, for a special occasion. Allowing her to wear fancy shoes for a couple of hours, once or twice per year, can’t cause her problems. It will only make her feel special.

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A couple of years ago, when Suri, the adorable daughter of the Hollywood power couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, showed up in public wearing high heels, a lot of people were bothered. Suri was three years old at that time, and a lot of voices underlined the fact that such a young girl shouldn’t wear that type of shoes. Well, that’s one way to look at the problem. On the other hand, Suri was spotted only once wearing that type of footwear and she certainly doesn’t goes to kindergarten in high heels. It was her special occasion, so there was no reason of all to condemn the parents for that. Every parent knows that little girls find things like makeup, jewelry or high heels irresistible and allowing them to wear grownup stuff from time to time is really no tragedy. To conclude, high heels for kids are not suitable footwear, if you think about taking your child in the park, to play. But, if your little one wants to look like a real princess in a certain occasion, letVibrant Red High Heels For KidsCredit: her have the high heels. Anyway, in 30 minutes she will probably ask you for a comfortable pair of shoes.

High Heels For Kids – What About Teenagers?

Well, with small kids you are in control and, even if you get them fancy, grownup shoes, you will be the one who decides when the shoes are worn and for how long. The things are different with older kids. High heels for kids can be a very painful subject for teenagers’ parents. It’s really hard to explain to a 13 year old why she can’t wear high heels at school or when she go out to meet with her friends. At that age, kids just want to be considered adults, and dealing with them is very stressful. However, there are some strategies that might help you. First of all, you shouldn’t forbid this item. There are a lot of high heels for kids in the stores, and you will only cause frustration if you tell your teenage daughter she can’t have a pair. Instead of forbidding them, you should rather shop for high heels for kids together. You can find models that are not over the top and are suitable for young girls: square heels, not too high. Before buying Kids Silver High Heel SandalsCredit: Amazon.comthem, explain to your daughter they are for special occasions only, and she can’t wear them at school. You could, for example, make a rule: she can wear the shoes once a month and she gets to decide when. Of course, school is excluded from the deal. This way, you’ll be able to deal the painful “high heels for kids” subject without too many tantrums from your teenage daughter. You should take a look on Amazon for some of the lowest prices on high heels for kids.

High Heels For Kids – Pick Only Safe Items

If you decide that you will allow your kid to wear this type of shoes for a special occasion, you need to be very careful about the model you pick. Even if your child will only wear the shoes for a couple of hours, you can’t ignore the possibility of an accident. A young girl that never wore high heels can twist her ankle from a single step, if the shoes don’t provide support for the foot. High heels for kids shouldn’t look like the shoes for adult women. You can’t put two inch, thin heels on kids’ shoes. The right solution are shoes with thick, square heels, two fingers high.