It would be great to turn into the hulk before any workout, it would be extremely helpful!

Everyone wants to turn their workouts intense more than ever.

If every workout could be more intense than the last one, the results would be rolling in faster than ever. 

Intensity is key when it comes to gaining muscle and any bodybuilder would agree with this. If you want to burn as much fat as possible, while maintaining or gaining muscles, then you need intensity.

But intensity can't be maintained every workout as it is very draining towards the central nervous system and it certainly won't be beneficial if we over train.

Since one of the secrets to gain as muscle as possible is to keep workouts intense. It only works if it is used right. You can't expect to train with your body draining more and more every workout so you need to plan your weeks where you have low intensity.

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The saying "no pain, no gain" is only true to a certain point. If you are enjoying your workout and you are going beyond your comfort zone, then that is one kind of pain.

If you're doing bench press and after the set you have a stinging sensation in your shoulders than you know something is wrong and it isn't going to lead any strength gains. In fact if you keep going you might hurt your shoulders or even worse, stop working for a few weeks to recover.

How do you keep using high intensity while training smart? There are many ways to workout hard and smart. One of the most common reasons why people don't progress is because they work out too much or too little.

We need to keep the intensity high, but not for too long or we don't see progress.
One of the ways to do this is by planning your workouts. The only way to succeed your workouts is by knowing what you're doing ahead of time.

If there's no plan, you won't know what you are doing until the last-minute which won't benefit you. You can try to remember what you did last time but there's a lot of numbers to remembered if you try to do that.

It will only confuse you. Keep a plan so you know how long you've been going high intensity. If you workout too hard for too long you may hurt yourself so a plan can prevent injuries as well.

Ways to Keep Workouts High Intensity


Workout With A Buddy:

When you workout with a friend, you will find yourselves pushing each other to the limit. You'll have someone to spot you on your heavy exercises and when you are failing, he or she will be there for you to push you for one or more repetitions.


If you time yourself you'll know if your working out for too long. This will prevent over training also it helps with your rest periods. If your rest periods are too long then you may lose the intensity of the workout.

Super Set:

Combine sets together. Go from one exercise to another without rest. This will keep your heart rate high and your intensity way up there.

Free Weights:

Free weights enable more balance and strength than machines. Machines are good if you can do them before free weights so you can isolate a muscle before moving into a compound exercise. If you do shoulder raises before shoulder press it will activate more muscle than if you were to do shoulder presses without them.

Write it down:

THis is what I was talking about for the plan. Write down your workouts. Without a record you won't know if you're progressing.



If you don't fail then you won't succeed. Your muscles will adapt if you go to failure on your sets. If you fail one the 8th repetition then next time you'll be able to go to the 9th before failing again.

Take a break:

High intensity will work only for so long, as I've mentioned. It is physically and mentally demanding where volume work is only physically demanding. The more you do high intensity the more you drain the central nervous system.

This isn't a bad thing but you need to make sure you're recovering before performing another workout. If you've performed high intensity workouts for at least 4 weeks and you feel drained, you either need to take a break for a week or just take it easy in the gym. If you're not sure, it's better to take a few days to be safe.

You won't miss out on anything if you take a few days off, but if you over do it then you could risk injury which stays longer than a few weeks!

The secret to the great results is to train smart with your brain and work hard with your muscles. Don't over do it as you could risk injury. Work to failure and let yourself get out of the comfort zone. Listen to your body so you don't over train.

Good luck!