Quality is always superior to quantity

When it comes to building links, quality of the links that you obtain from other sources have to be trusted. Although quantity is a major issue as well, quality wins hands down in the long run. Search engines are always partial towards sites that house high pagerank backlinks even if they are a few in numbers. The debate between quality and quantity has been going on ever since the concept of backlinks was used to enhance the process of link building. When you have high pagerank backlinks, it signifies a lot of things – one being trust, authority and relevancy. It needs to be kept in mind that pagerank is a number that is allotted to individual pages of the site and doe not indicate the rank of the entire site. Firstly, it means that sites that are better ranked than yours want to be associated with your site. Secondly, it means that you are interested in providing high quality content with your readers or visitors to your site. Thirdly, it signifies that you are open to making your web content available to other websites. When quality is high, ranking of your page and your site naturally increases.

How to screen backlinks?

Backlinks are a means to enhance the search rankings of your site, with bonuses of referral traffic and branding. They are brought about by two ways. One is incoming backlinks and the other is outgoing backlinks. In order to maintain a high quality and high rank of your website, it is important that both incoming and outgoing backlinks are of high value. You can link to an individual page on a site as well. So, when you go about backlinking, check out the page ranks of independent pages and tag them to your site. You need to avoid tagging on to sites that are of lower pagerank than yours. Keep away from sites that are banned from the search engine lists such as black hat sites and link farms. You need to be very careful when you buy backlinks because although high pagerank backlinks are promised, you end up getting some very undesirable backlinks. A link is not just a link; it is an important part of marketing your website, increasing visibility and ensuring that the site is ranked high. So, make sure that you get quality links. Another important aspect to keep in mind is that the backlinks should belong to your niche in order to give maximum benefit.

RSS feeds

A very effective way of acquiring backlinks is by using RSS feeds. These are very effective in getting high pagerank backlinks from news outlets and other syndication sources. One of the reasons why using RSS feeds is a good idea is that your site gets exposure to high quality sites and blogs. When you submit your site to a RSS directory, viewers and web masters will see it, and become familiar with our web properties. These also make sure that there is a continuous flow of high quality links to your site. In addition, the traffic to your site increases and the site increases in ranking on the search engine lists.

Use of social networking sites

The massive popularity of social networking sites has made it one of the prime places to find high pagerank backlinks. The visitor volume to these websites is very high as well. In addition, these social networking sites have groups and communities that are in accordance to your niche. You can tap such communities in order to gain targeted traffic very effectively. It is also a great place to obtain backlinks that are related to your niche. As mentioned above, such backlinks have higher value than backlinks that are randomly generated on thin content pages.

Submit comments to blogs and forums

If you are on a backlink generating drive and your objective is high pagerank backlinks, then one of the best things that you can do is comment in forums and blogs. However, make sure that the comments that you place are on pages that are of high pagerank, although many new posts and forum threads will be PR 0. When you place your comment, place your link as well. A person who likes your comment will click on the link and travel back to your site. If you make your comments high in quality and provide expert advice, you are sure to reap a few valuable links back through your comments. When you place such comments on a large number of sites, blogs and forums, the returns you get are higher as well.

Article marketing

Another very effective way of obtaining high pr links is to write articles and submit them to various article directories. Make sure that you use the right kind of keyword and include backlinks in the article. You will get better benefits by anchoring the keyword into a backlink. Readers and other web masters who find your article could potentially social share it, or link directly back to your website as well.

Buy high pagerank backlinks

An easy way to acquire high pagerank backlinks is to buy them. There are a number of sellers of backlinks. Make sure that the seller you choose is genuine and offers good backlinks. After purchasing them, do not flood your website with backlinks all at once because search engines will see a red flag raised. Although an effective way of backlinking, buying and selling backlinks is not appreciated by search engines. You can also choose a seller who supplies regularly so that you will not have to look elsewhere every time you need backlinks. High pagerank backlinks are an excellent way improving various aspects of your website. So, choose them with care and make sure that the links do not belong to expired sites. Several sellers attempt to sell backlinks from link farms and so, ensure that you do not end up buying such links since they will put your site at risk. By using the right strategy and linking in the right manner, your website can be very successful.