Sometimes you just need a little bit more pressure. If you know that lovely feeling of a high pressure shower head, let's dive into these amazing devices. This is not a shower head to just relax under - this is more like a massage, and not the relaxing type, but the type you are actually will feel better from, other than just rested.

But one of the main reasons to get a high pressure shower head is it saves water. You are converging the beam of water and this means you washing more effective. 

Rain Shower Head

High Pressure Shower Head - Rain Shower HeadThere are multiple options you have when creating a great pressure while still having some comfortability. One option you have is a rain shower head. This has multiple beams of water coming out of it, while still maintaining a great pressure.

'The Rain' is such a shower head. With only 5.5 inches in diameter this gives a great pressure to the water flowing out of it.

LED Shower Head

But what if you want more than just a shower head? What if you want amazing looks as well. Possible, of course. There are LED shower heads out on the internet, of course. One of them is the Amitex hand held shower head.

This one has three different functions: shower spray, pulsating shower and power massage. And power massage is what you are looking for.

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But this head is amazing because it actually changes colours when adjusting the temperature. If you are on the end of cleaning yourself, you may want to cool off a little bit. And what is better than to see the head change with your body temperature while you are adjusting the temperature?

Hand Held Shower Heads

Hand Held Shower Head - High Pressure Show headCredit:

There are of course other places of your body to clean apart from your hair, and what is better if you can take the spray into your hands. You can do this with this Waterpik Shower Head. The exact number is the Waterpik TRS-553 and has a variety of options.

The most interesting option is the OptiFlow, which enables you to increase the water flow up to 30%, thus making it fairly easy to create the high pressure you were looking for.

Furthermore of course the hand held function, you can take the spray into your head. A flexible arm is in it as well.

The last one to name here is the Oxygenics TriSpa Handheld Shower. This gadget makes saving water even more easy, as it oxigenates the water. This means less water use, while maintaning the great feeling of this rain down on you.

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With this spray you get a three options to shower yourself, of one is 'the Jet', this is the one you are looking for. One of the other options, the Hydro Flow incorporates a lot of air in the rain, so it will feel all bubbly on your back!

Hopefully you gained some knowledge in the different options for when you are looking for your perfect high pressure shower head!