students with backpacks

School is back in session and it's time to replace last year's backpack with something new. You've been replacing "bookbags" for years and this year you've decided to find a high quality backpack that will last for the entire school year and beyond. 

Does such a thing exist?



Jansport is a company that has been around for years and they understand what it means to create quality bags for students. For years they only created merchandise that came in colors such as brown, black, gray, red. Since then, they've really stepped up their game by adding bright colors and patterns that are more appealing to younger students. They even offer different sizes so they're backpacks can be used by students ranging from middle school all the way to the undergraduate college student.

They still have their classic dark and solid colors for those who prefer a more professional look while at school, but for those who want more color and patterns they'll be able to find polka dots, plaid patterns, flowers and bright solid colors such as kiwi green and fuschia.

My high school bag is a Jansport and even without being careful I've had it for over 7 years! I've never had to replace any straps and it hasn't faded and there are no holes in the bottom of the bad. I've traveled with this bag on numerous occasions and it's never let me down. It's a tough one and not overly expensive.


I think these backpacks were originally gears more towards people who were planning on going hiking, but students started ordering these bags when they wanted something that was a lot larger. It seems as though the higher level school we go to, the more books we need and this company provides extra comfortable straps that help keep the pesky "book back" away.

Like Jansport, L.L. Bean originally started with darker colors and didn't have a large variety of colors. They started coming out with colors such as neon orange and created the popular hawaiian flower pattern. Most people turn to this company when they want to have their names or initials included on the bag because this company offers customizations for only a few dollars more.

If losing a backpack or getting it mixed up with another person's is something that's common for you (or your children) then this company will take care of that by embroidering you or your child's initials on the front of the bag. Problem solved.

Both companies offer backpacks that can last for years even with rough handling. I think they are two of the only companies that have always known that backpacks were made to carry things too heavy to be carried with the arms. I think it's great that these two companies have expanded their designs and colors for those who want something "cute" or "awesome looking" when they're attending classes.

They have managed to keep their prices reasonable and that's something that has kept them alive throughout the years. They keep the consumers in mind. 

JanSport Big Student Backpack, Multi Glow Box
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(price as of Nov 18, 2016)