Samsung 1080p televisions are some of the best manufactured sets in the world. They have a high profile name and are well known for their high-quality sets. Now, with their 1080p sets out, they have something else to be proud of. These 1080p televisions come in a variety of diagonal sizes including 40 inches, 48 inches, 50 inches, 58 inches and 60 inches, among other sizes.

Some of the best features of the Samsung sets include the ability to input information form other devices, such as any netbooks compatible with HDMI cables. This way, you are not limited to the content on the television that is not compatible with 1080p resolution. Another great feature of most Samsung sets includes its own "Touch of Color" design, which allows the watcher perfect color selection as well as perfect motion color viewing.

Many of the 1080p televisions come with the Samsung app or web television and can even connect to the Internet. These apps were built to use on a TV and are stream right through the picture and the music apps stream, as an Internet audio app would do. Some of the apps available include Blockbuster, Pandora, YouTube, Netflix and others. Using the Internet connection, you can even use Facebook and Twitter on your television.

If it is news you want, you can also stream USA Today and articles from the Associated Press and some sports stations as well. These sets or mostly adaptable for wireless connections, meaning using your wireless router you can connect to the Internet without needing to run extra Ethernet cables, which we all know is a hassle. The apps are only available on the 2010 models of the sets; however, there are options to stream these apps and other Internet content to your set on older models as well.

These high-definition sets also feature different modes for different activities including a gaming mode, All Share and Connect Share modes. Most 1080p televisions feature multiple PC inputs, HDMI inputs, USB 2.0 high-speed ports, microphone, speaker or other audio output and more. The quality of the sound is just as good as the picture quality using their TruSurround HD audio capabilities output to two 15-watt speakers.

Product support for customers to help with any setup and troubleshooting problems is available online as well as PDF manuals and other apps you can download to run on the set itself. There is truly something for everyone when purchasing Samsung 1080p televisions.