High Risk Personal Loans For People With Bad Credit

Although it may be difficult, you can get a high risk personal loan with guaranteed approval even though you may be considered a high risk borrower with a low credit score.  It used to be that conventional lenders wouldn't give you a second look because borrowers who are considered high risk a more likely to not pay their debts.  However, with the emergence of the pay day loans and guaranteed personal loans for people with bad credit, the high risk lending industry lends money to those who need it and may be considered high risk on both a short-term and long-term basis.


The History Of The Credit System And Credit Reporting

Lenders who deal in high risk personal loans or credit do so at a great risk-hence the term "high risk."  Although many of these high risk lenders do not rely soley on your credit report, they do reference it.  Your credit report gives them more information than just your credit score and credit rating.  So keep in mind that your credit report is still important. 

So how did the whole credit reporting system come about?  Well, before World War II, merchants and consumers would do business directly with each other.  This means, if you needed to purchase something  and didn't have the money to pay for it right away, you would have to establish a credit account with the  merchant where you work out arrangements to pay.  It works much like a bar tab would work for just like buy now pay later catalogs do today.  Credit was reported then, but it was only reported locally and only for people who didn't pay their debts. After World War II, the local credit reporting businesses got together and formed national credit bureaus. While right around the same time, because consumers were becoming more mobile and wanted credit to purchase items while travelling or outside their local areas, the banks and other financial institutions got onboard and took over the practice of lending to consumers and charging interest. 

With the use of computers, the consumer credit information sector grew by leaps and bounds with the creation of three nationally recognized credit reporting agencies by the 1980's.  Those credit reporting agencies are Experian, Equifax and Transunion which have solidified their position in the credit reporting industry.  Although there are other credit reporting agencies, those are the three most consumers are familiar with.


Why Would Lenders Lend Me Money If I Am A High Risk Borrower

Believe it or not, you are still a hot commodity even though you have bad credit and may be considered a high risk borrower.  High risk to the banks means there is a great risk that you will not pay your debt, so to them it means they get to charge you higher interest in order to hedge their investment. Since roughly 20 percent of the population have bad credit of some sort, which means a credit score below 600, it it very tough for lenders to ignore such a large portion of the population. 
Therefore, there are conventional lenders who sometimes lend to high risk borrowers, but there are also high risk lenders who are in the business to service high risk borrowers with personal loans and other types of loans.  These high risk lending institutions realize that just because you have bad credit, doesn't mean that you are not going to pay your loan back.  There are many reasons why people may have bad credit, and many of those reasons are often something that is beyond their control. 
To further help to hedge against loss, these high risk lenders may not only charge higher interest rates but they may also ask you to send up an auto-pay system where money is withdrawn directly from your checking account or directly from your pay check.  You will see the latter most often with car purchases or car insurance coverage.  You may or may not want to agree to these terms based on how trustworthy the lender is and how badly you need the loan.  Always be careful about giving out your banking and payroll information to anyone online.  If they are asking for this information, it would probably be best to find a local lender in your community where you can actually go into the establishment and talk with someone face to face.
So to answer that questions, high risk lenders still want your business because your credit may be bad, but your money is still good.


Who Will Give Me A High Risk Personal Loan With Guaranteed Approval?

HSBC Finance

HSBC is a major financial lending institution that is also known for lending to high risk borrowers.  With HSBC you can get a high risk personal loan with bad credit or even a credit card for people with bad credit. HSBC also offers home equity line of credit and mortgages.  To get the best out of HSBC it is better to deal with them at a local level.  If you have collateral such as a house or a car, it makes it easier for you to get the loan.  There are usually local offices of HSBC in your area. You can check for a branch location on their website.

Credit Sources

CreditSources.org focuses on high risk personal loans or emergency loans for people with bad credit.  The website boasts thousands of users and both an easy application process as well as fast approval.  You can get high risk personal loans for people with bad credit in amounts up to $1,500.


Western Sky Financial

If you have seen the commercials on television, you know that Western Sky offers high risk personal loans for up to $5, 000.  They tell you up from that it is not a payday loan but the money is expensive (and it is!).  However, if you need a high risk personal loan fast, Western Sky Financial may be a good option.

You can read more about Western Sky Financial: PRESS HERE and for the review of Western Sky Financial: PRESS HERE


Spring Leaf Financial

Like HSBC, there are Spring Leaf Financial branches located all over America.  Spring Leaf Financials claims it lends high risk personal loans from$1 to $25, ooo for your emergency cash needs.  Application process is also fast and easy.


Payday Panda

PayDay Panda is not a payday lending institution,  instead, it acts as your pay day lending resource. You input exactly what you are looking for and Payday Panda will cross match your request with 60 pay day lenders.  You can get same day approval for your high risk personal loan or emergency cash if you  need money for car repairs, groceries and rent, or just to get by between paychecks.

Learn More About Payday Panda: Press Here


According to credit.com, you can quickly qualify for a high risk personal loan of up to $35, 000 for debt consolidation, purchases, or other personal and emergency cash needs.  The application process is simple and it is also a quick approval process.

Books To Help You Get Loans Even If You Have Bad Credit

You can get these books on obtaining a personal, auto, business loan even with bad credit from Amazon. Many of them available immediately on Kindle.

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