If you have a child that is graduating from high school, you can celebrate the momentous occasion with a party or special family gathering. Planning a graduation celebration is just like any other celebratory event, with plenty of food involved. One thing to make sure that you do not overlook is a festive centerpiece on the food table for the graduation party. Or you can opt to put the center piece on the table where presents are collecting. A good table centerpiece will give the party a little personality and help to set the mood for the joyous occasion. 

Personalize It

If you do not mind possibly embarrassing the graduate, gather together some old photos of previous school days. Many parents take photos of their child’s first day of school each year. If you do not have this type of photo, you can use any type of old school photos, including yearbook photos and sports team photos. Once you have the photos, you can mount them onto a display board, which can serve as the backdrop for the table centerpiece. If the table is up against a wall, you can even put the photos on the wall, either in picture frames or not in frames

Use School Colors

When coming up for the theme for the high school graduation centerpiece, you might want to stick to the school colors. This is especially a good idea if the graduate was involved in sports while in high school. Alternatively, you can use colors for the college that the graduate plans on attending. Or even do a mix of the two colors. If you have any items from the school, such as banners or other items with the school mascot or school crest on it, you can display those in the centerpiece as well. A plastic megaphone with the school mascot on the site if an often utilized piece in a high school graduation centerpiece. Ribbons, balloons and streamers in the school colors can also be incorporated into the centerpiece.


School or Classroom Focus

For a more simple high school graduation centerpiece, you can use generic decor pieces in the school or classroom theme. You can even use the graduate’s actual graduation cap as part of the decor. Roll up some paper and tie it with a colored ribbon to symbolize a diploma. Textbooks can also be added to the centerpiece to continue with the theme. Many party stores sell confetti shaped like graduation caps, which you can sprinkle on the table around the centerpiece.


Celebrate What's Next

If the graduate is getting ready to embark on a new career or a round-the-world trip, then that can be used to come up with a high school graduation centerpiece. A party supply store should have decorations to match this type of theme, or you can make them on your own. For example, for a graduate that is preparing to travel the centerpiece can be made up of travel books. Or if the graduate is going to college to play baseball, then baseballs and related items can be used to make up the centerpiece.