Ideally good high school graduation gifts should be things that a student will be able to use in college. That way, he or she will remember you every time he or she uses that gift. I have compiled a list of five great graduation gifts that are shown in order of price. Preferably your gift should be used regularly by him or her and yet unique enough to be appreciated.

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Idea #1: Price Range: $10-$15

Coffee Mug with a Picture of You and the Graduating Student on it: This is a great one because almost everyone drinks coffee in college. Again, whenever that person drinks that cup of coffee, he or she will see that picture and keep you in mind every time he or she uses it. This generally leads to a longer-lasting friendship, and is also pretty cheap. You can get this specialized coffee mug done at Walgreens online, or at the Target photo. Generally anywhere that processes photos can probably get this done for you.

Idea #2: Price Range: $10- $20

Beer Mug: A beer mug is great for a paperweight and a good conversation piece! Not to mention that it can also be used for its original purpose (drinking). These are fairly cheap, yet still unique enough to be remembered by that person you are giving it to. College students love this one.

Idea #3: Price Range: $15-$50

Cologne/Perfume: This gift is a little tricky because you never want to end up buying someone a scent that he or she doesn’t like. So my compromise is to buy them a famous brand that appeals to many. Generally any perfume on Amazon with a good rating, (4 stars or more) is probably a good choice. Try to buy them a cologne/perfume that you have tried before. The scent should also unique enough to stand out. Cologne/Perfume, if selected carefully can lead to a great gift that the person receiving will appreciate.

Idea #4: Price Range: $20-$1000

Luxury Pen: This is also a great gift because people will undoubtedly use a pen at some point or another. Why not give them a nice pen that they can use with pride? Luxury pens last a long time because they can be refilled after they are used up. Though these can become very pricey, you can still keep your budget by buying a pen that is cheap yet still fancy.

Idea #5: Price Range: $150-$1000+

Necklace with a Unique Design: This is great because a fancy accessory is something that anyone could use. Though this is more geared towards women, men will appreciate this gift also. For men, I would recommend BICO’s necklaces, as they are based on tribal designs and are very unique. Each pendant also has a story behind it, which is very interesting. For women, I would recommend jewelry from companies like Tiffany & Co. or Zales. Both of the companies tout beautiful jewelry and have a good price range. They are also very special. Ideally, when buying an accessory for that graduating loved one, you should try and keep him/her in mind and think about an accessory that defines him/her and would look good.

Well, that is it! That is my list of five gifts, and I hope you got an idea or two for what you should get. Graduation is a very special moment, and a gift might making it even more special! Remember though, it is the thought behind the gift!

Luxury Pen

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This is a great gift. Idea #4
A cologne with a brand name like this is great because usually it will satisfy anyone. I highly recommend that you purchase this when it's on sale. Idea #3
I have a friend who wears this perfume and it smells GREAT. I highly recommend this as a gift for women. Idea #3