The good news is that with today's technology, you can now view and browse pictures of high school yearbooks online. These high school yearbooks online have been a blessing for those people who misplaced or lost theirs. There are also instances wherein people were not able to get an opportunity to buy one. High school was an integral part in the lives of a lot of people, and pictures preserved in yearbooks can help relive those good old memories. Not only are they a great memento, but they are also a wonderful learning tool.

High School Yearbooks Online –

Members of website would be able to browse over 30,000 high school yearbooks online. At present, there are more than 30,000 yearbooks of high schools in the United States that have been digitized on the website – the biggest number you can find on the Internet. Every week, the website is digitally converting hundreds of new high school yearbooks, and their target is to come up with 70,000 yearbooks by year's end. The company is planning to give their members yearbook interaction capability such as liking certain pages, commenting, tagging and buying printed copies of pictures via a third-party vendor.

Gold members of the website have unrestricted access to all the pages of available high school yearbooks online, while free members of can take a look at the yearbook's front section and each page's oversized thumbnails. To search for high school yearbooks online, you can click the tab that says: "new yearbooks" found on the top navigation menu of the website. The directory page lists a sample of yearbooks that are available which corresponds to the selected high school community of the member. You can simply click on the yearbooks to view them, or you can look through the full yearbook compilation by high school, class and state. Important links to relevant available high school yearbooks online can be seen on the member's school and year page as well.

All yearbooks are presented in a standard viewer, giving members various navigation selections. You can click the "next" or "back" button to view each page, as well as use the search box to view a particular page, or browse with the use of a picture thumbnail preview slider.

High School Yearbooks Online –

If you are looking for old high school yearbooks online as well as college yearbooks, then this website is an excellent choice. It has the biggest collection anywhere on the World Wide Web.

Members can look for and view more than 1.3 million pages of various yearbooks from thousands of U.S. high schools and colleges. has a vast archive of yearbook pictures.

You can use this website to look for old classmates, do research on genealogy, look through an amazing college sports history records, Greek life archives, groups and other information.

For those who are having a sense of nostalgia, they can search for yearbook pictures of their old classmates. It is a great way to reminisce the past and have a few laughs at those pictures. In case you were not able to keep your high school or college yearbook, can help you connect with memories of the good old days.

Search and look through millions of pictures from college and high school yearbooks online by state. You can even search for yearbooks during your middle school days. currently has millions of digitized yearbook pictures and is regularly adding new ones to their archive.

High School Yearbooks Online –

If you are looking for old yearbooks of your high school, military, alumni, college or university class, then is the place to go. This website sells yearbooks, as well as offers search ideas which may assist you locate the old class yearbook you're looking for in the event someone has put the yearbook up online.

A lot of people have lost their high school or college yearbook after relocating or during a natural calamity. Many of them were inquiring about their old yearbook which was not found on this website, and wanted ideas how to search and locate their yearbook. started listing ads (by state) of yearbooks people are looking for, and it has gotten bigger. The list increased substantially that almost all 50 U.S. states and some parts in Canada, UK and Germany is on it.

At present, the website has lists for wanted yearbooks for elementary, high school, college and military class. They are categorized by states since majority of the requests are from U.S. citizens.

Any wanted yearbook ad which is presently listed on will stay there until someone stumble upon it and respond to the yearbook in question. The site will little by little delete older ads. In addition, it is not guaranteed that your class yearbook would be located. Since November of 2008, some members were able to locate their yearbook using tutorials and techniques provided on the website. From the time began, twenty-eight yearbooks (which have been listed there) have been rescued and placed in a new home.

Yearbooks, both old and present, can usually be found on the Internet. It is always a good idea to begin your high school yearbooks online search by directly getting in touch with your school to learn how to make arrangements to obtain the most recent yearbook. A number of schools have options wherein you can make an online payment, either via the school's website or via the firm hired to publish the yearbook. If you are searching for old high school yearbooks online, there are 2 options available to you. You can browse and print the PDF-formatted yearbook from your PC, or you can search for a company the sells old print copies of high school yearbooks online.

For the latest class yearbook, you can inquire with your school if you can purchase one online. You may have to get a student code or identification number before you can place an order. High school yearbooks online are customizable – you can put your name, or even logos that reflect your hobbies and activities. In case you are searching for older high school yearbooks online, a lot of them can be viewed and printed directly from the website. You can do your search by starting with your school and class. A number of schools have converted their previous yearbooks into digital format, while some people have scanned and upload their own copy online for public use. It is an excellent idea to search for digitized high school yearbooks online if you simply want to remember the good old days, or search for certain pictures without having to purchase the entire yearbook. Usually, high school yearbooks online are utilized by genealogists, which means that websites related to family history are another excellent place to find digitized old yearbooks.