What are High Sleeper Beds?

Let’s get straight to the point. You either don’t know what high sleeper beds are or you’re not necessarily dying to get your hands on one right away. Hopefully I can change your mind concerning that because a high sleeper bed may be exactly what you need down the road either for you or your children.  The whole concept behind these beds is to maximize the space we use to fit our needs. The betterment of everyday living is proof of this concept being implemented. From the improvements in the field of communication to the positive impacts in the field of medicine, technological advancement has hit all aspects of society including home improvement. The efficiency of these advancements can be seen from the everyday appliances we use such as cell phones, computers, and even beds. It is no surprise that we can find a variety of products tailored to the specific needs of an individual. These beds reflect that need in society. In essence the beds resemble a normal bunk bed but instead of containing an extra bed at the bottom it can be substituted for extra space and customization.


The Style

The versatility of such an invention allows the owner to purchase a bed that has the lower portion to be used as a desk, study area, entertainment domain, or simply as a lounge. The styles differ from bed to bed. One can find the highest quality of high sleeper beds for a pretty hefty price, containing closets, a place for a mini fridge, a desk, and futon area that transforms into an extra bed. The simplest ones have the bed at the top with a wide space to put whatever you want underneath while the sophisticated models come with the tools necessary to make adjustments to the bed to change their preference whenever they desire. My favorite one would have to be the Coaster Twin Wood Loft Bunk Bed with Workstation in Cappuccino Finish, it’s especially ideal for college students with little space in their room. There’s also no need to worry about finding the right one because I found that it’s possible to find a bed for every feasible purpose.


Ideal for Children

High Sleeper Beds are dominating the market for children’s beds online. You may have an only-child who occasionally wants a friend to sleepover; these beds not only accommodate that but go further by allowing adjustable seats to change it into beds.  Of course, a bunk bed may be more suitable if you have two children but not useful if the bottom bunk was only used occasionally with an only-child. They also come in many different bright and wonderful colors for that special child in your family. High Sleeper beds eliminate the hassle of choosing multiple pieces of furniture for your children and trying to cram all your furniture in one space. Instead, the space left over can be used for items used in recreational activities; such as having a drum set, piano, or fish tank.


The Misconception

A big misconception is that High Sleeper beds are only for children, but they are also made for teenagers and adults. Teenagers could purchase a variation of high sleeper beds called mid-sleepers which have the same concept except the top bunk is exceptionally lower than before and the lower portion of the bed is usually used for storage of clothing and books. An adult who is single and also looking to utilize his space more may also consider this a great option.



I would like to warn you before you buy any type of bunk bed that it could be dangerous if your child isn’t careful climbing the ladder. Your child could potentially slip and fall. Even the worst case scenario could be possible if you position the bunk bed too close to the fan and your child gets struck by the fan. Please go over these few rules for your child frequently to ensure their safety:

  • No horse playing on the top bunk
  • No toys on the top bunk
  • The bed covers must be placed daily and neatly back on the bed. (To ensure that their foot does not get caught on a blanket while climbing down.)


Considerations during the Buying Phase

The prices for these beds can range from really cheap to pretty expensive. However, the shipping and handling usually costs a hefty price to deliver your furniture safely so it would be no surprise that you would want peace of mind before investing your hard earned cash. Make sure you research all the shipping and handling details and speak to a representative of the company if finding those details are complicated. Another point you should check, prior to when you purchase the bed, is to know the entire measurements of the bed. The pictures on the internet may seem perfect for you but they can be deceiving. You must consider the type of material you’re going to purchase along with the retail provider very carefully because this bed will be your new family for the next couple of years. Plan your budget ahead of time to cushion the cost. I’m sure you can find a pay-by-month service to assist you in your financial endeavors. Also, take into consideration the mattress and bedding options. Foam material mattresses such as Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillows may be the most comfortable choice for you. Most importantly, read the reviews for the products. Though this may seem like common sense, many people ignore this from time to time especially if the product seems too good to be true which seems to be understandable considering the many variations with high sleeper beds. All in all, I believe you’ll find this a valuable option for you down the road. The possibilities for customizing these beds are numerous. Please remember to take caution when choosing to purchase any bed and heed these guidelines. I hope you enjoyed this and happy bed shopping!