Here are three items to buy, when you have made a million dollars

These are items to buy when you have hit the big time.

We all wish we could afford certain objects in our lifetime. Most people would like to own a two hundred thousand dollar sports car or a 10,000 square foot home. If and when you obtain any sort of riches due to hard work or luck there will be items that you can splurge on. Whether or not you understand , buying these items defines a person on what they own.

I will try to explain why someone would buy these items and how much they are worth. Understanding the logic behind people is helpful so you can read them better.

Cuff LinkCredit: deer


Solid 14k White Gold Cufflinks - Solid 14k White Gold Onyx and Diamond Lined Cufflinks

With this purchase you are obtaining 0.72 carats of exquisite looking diamonds surrounded buy solid 14k White Gold finish. These cuff links are a amazing choice to wear during a high end business meeting . The onyx is so well placed that it makes the whole cuff link just pop. If you want to buy this item you are looking to be center of attention. You will often speak with your hands and want to be heard. This is a must buy for future Millionaires. Asking price $2295.00

AttacheCredit: me

Tumi Townhouse Tennyson Attache

 Walking into a meeting like you own the building has the sense of prosperity and you want to do business. You will obtain the looks of awe when laying the Tumi Tennyson Attache on the table and open it. The nylon leather bounding will stretch and show an interior divider, organizer panel, combination locks, carry handle, with protective feet on the outside. The type of people who obtain this attache are go-getters who like to succeed and do good work. You will often spend a little extra to show you mean business. That is why you can afford this. Asking price $1995.00


jacketCredit: fd

Robert Graham Mens Green River Jacket
The Green river jacket is one amazing jacket, with a tight fit and well created jacket. The smooth look of the outside, along with the well craftsmanship helps make this a eye popping jacket. A silk lining inside makes wearer feel like a million dollars. The two button olive corduroy moleskin sport coat with contrasting trim is a type of coat worn by a formal but well educated middle aged male.  The wearer like to look fresh but all wants a classic look. A must get. Asking price. $598.00

Dreaming of these items will only help to make your dreams turn into a passion. I encourage anyone who sees a item they like to fight until they can achieve there goals. You will need to be financial stable before you can purchase them. Well if you can afford these items then you understand that with money comes much more choices and better quality of clothes. Enjoy you money and spend properly.