Is college worth it?

If you, or someone you know is planning on attending college next semester or next year as an “undeclared” or liberal arts major... Don’t Do It! There is absolutely nothing wrong with finishing high school (or a GED) WITHOUT knowing exactly what you want to do with your life, but you should delay going to college until you know what you’re pursuing. Since many people change their minds about their career direction even after years of work experience, even a seemingly very clear choice for your life’s occupation can be changed later. 

Don’t Go to College as an Undecided Major

Here’s some simple advice that very few people follow: If you don’t know what to study, wait until you do.

Without full scholarships, college classes without a sense of direction and real purpose racks up thousands of dollars in unnecessary student loan debt, even from state colleges and universities. If you must borrow for college then save that for when you really need it. Even highly paid doctors, lawyers, and others dread the burden of extraordinary debt.  

Save the money for your real educational plans that you will discover later, or just use your immediate funds to travel, start a small business, volunteer, join the military or choose some other direction. In no time you will find a life direction that fascinates you, and perhaps decide how higher education can help you with your goals.

Undecided? Here’s How to Choose a College Major or Life Plan

Consider what jobs you would love to do, and what college or university training is necessary for a successful career. Since the business world is filled with billionaire college and high school drop-outs, since every walk of life is filled with self-made men and women -- if you start with the idea that no formal education is truly necessary, you will be a lot better off when you have access to structured classes.

- listen to free content online at iTunes University to explore a range of topics that might help inspire a direction

- watch Ted Talks videos (; “Ideas worth sharing”) for a range of fascinating short presentations on a range of fields, disciplines, topics, interests from technology, economics, science, ecology, the arts, and more

- get a library card, and start reading books. Choose the widest range of topics and explore anything and everything. If you need help just ask friends, neighbors, family and others for recommendations of their favorite books, topics, and more. When in doubt just wander through bookstores (used books are great!) or just browse at the libary. You will stumble upon some amazing books within no time at all. CONSIDER THIS: most college students finish their undergraduate education with enough student loans to buy thousands of great books on Amazon!

Student Loan Debt

THINK ABOUT THIS REALITY: Every year students graduate from colleges and universities all across the country with the burden of tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. And some of those students --- after classes, exams, the cost of dorms and books, and now a degree in a specific field, are no longer interested in that occupation for their life’s work. But they will repay those student loans monthly for years. 

My advice: don’t go to college undeclared or liberal arts major. Wait and find a path... and take your time!