As a means of creating a decorative feature in the entranceway to the home, particularly those of grand designs, the floor medallion is a great tiling option. There are many beautiful options to choose from that will create a memorable feature with the materials of choice include slate, granite or marble. It is the kind of look that will create a strong impression and, in many cases, will set the tone for the rest of the house.

Unless you are blessed with a home that has a very large entrance hall, it is most likely that small floor medallions will be the kind that will be the most suitable. When you buy them you will find that they are pre-cut designs of whatever pattern that catches your eye. Choose a fleur de lis pattern or a star or points of the compass.

There are a couple of different types of floor medallions you can choose from, either waterjet or mosaic.

The way in which waterject medallions are created is to use what is known as waterjet cutting technology. This is where the design is programmed into a computer and then it directs the cutting actions which are carried out with a high degree of precision. The benefit of using this type of technology is that it is possible to create smoother pieces that can be part of more modern patterns.

On the other hand, mosaic medallions are designs that are made up of many small pieces of tiles. The tiles that are used as part of the design are often cut individually by hand. The designs themselves are often more intricate than the waterjet design with the overall medallion made up of many more smaller pieces.

So that the floor medallion is shown off to the best advantage you will want to place it in a well lit area. Not all hallway entrances have the appropriate lighting so it is something that will have to be taken care of if you are going to make the most of your display.

Particularly if you are using a small floor medallion you will want to position it in the center of the room and then have it lit, either by some kind of natural lighting such as a skylight or with some well positioned down lights.

Your floor tile medallion can be used to accent a tiled floor, but it is also possible to install wooden tile medallions that will highlight the beauty of a hardwood floor too.