Highlights Magazine

Highlights Magazine

Since 1946 Highlights Magazine has been educating and inspiring children from ages 2-12 on a monthly basis. Gary and Carolyn Myers of Honesdale, Pennsylvania, USA were the creators of this children's learning magazine and is still in production in Columbus, Ohio, USA having sold over one billion copies at the date of this writing. The Myers' used their experience in psychology and teaching as pioneers of elementary education with this insightful and fun magazine that is not only enjoyed by small children but the whole family as well.

Highlights Magazine won the Learning Magazine 2010 and is a Teacher's Choice Award for Family.

Highlights Magazine is a gift that continues to give month after month and is one that parents and children alike will look forward to receiving in the mail.

Benefits of Highlights Magazine

Highlights Magazine is a learning magazine first with many features that encourage reading and understanding in a fun and most educational manner.

Highlights Magazine teaches honesty, teamwork and sharing by offering stories, games and activities that encourage and inspire.

Highlights Magazine helps young children to improve their reading skills and helps to foster a positive self image.

Highlights Magazine encourages parents to read and do activities with their children and for siblings to work together to improve bonding and parent-child and sibling relationships.

Highlights Magazine fosters cooperation among family members as children learn through stories that everyone is different and can still get along well.

Features of Highlights Magazine


Search Games –

The search games feature of Highlights Magazine allow children to enhance their memory as well as eye-hand coordination playing find the particular or missing item and are very fun as well as rewarding when the child finds the missing item. The Hidden Picture section encourages children finding a picture within another picture. Children will spend endless hours searching the magazine and get a huge boost to their self esteem when they accomplish the task.

Craft Ideas-

The craft section of Highlights Magazine offers a different craft idea each month. This will teach children not only how to do or make a particular craft but will also encourage their own creativity and imagination.

Some of the craft projects include painting, drawing, working with glue, chalk, crayons, scissors, stencils and photography.

Games and Puzzles -

There are monthly games and puzzles that encourage teamwork, competition, sharing and strategy as well as eye-hand coordination in Highlights Magazine that children always look forward to playing.

Art –

Highlights Magazine is one of a child's earliest lessons in understanding, performing and creating art and could inspire a lifelong interest in art in the many forms as they grow older.

Poetry – children will read and learn about poetry in short stories that teach life lessons that will last for years.

Environmental Issues – stories about Nature allow children to explore, learn about and understand water, animals, recycling and our environment that teaches global issues and the part of each of us in the world. This section also teaches children about the importance and responsibilities of owning and caring for pets.

Cooking –

Cooking is taught in Highlights Magazine through stories and recipes and children will surely want to help in the kitchen when they see photos of the fun and comradery of helping in the kitchen. Many children learn early on of the love of cooking and later have the fondest family memories stemming from learning and sharing kitchen duties such as cooking with Mom or Dad.

Baking –

Children love to work in the kitchen and Highlights Magazine helps children to learn the benefits of baking their own cookies, cakes, brownies and more through pictures, stories and working in the kitchen. The next best baker could be lurking from these early learning years!

Nutrition –

Children learn proper health and nutrition through the Highlights Magazine when they read stories on gardening and cooking as well as through the search games or which one doesn't belong.

Exercise –

Children will learn the benefits and fun obtained by exercise through simple steps they can take which are always turned into some sort of game in the Highlights Magazine. Exercise is taught as fun, games and playing with friends or family.

Your Own Pages – this section of Highlights Magazine allows and encourages children to write their own stories, poems, recipes and ideas to send to the magazine for possible inclusion in a future magazine edition. Children will love this fun feature that allows them to express themselves and is a real morale booster when their articles are chosen for publication. Many children begin a love of reading and writing because of Highlights Magazine and every child deserves to benefit from it.

Highlights Five –

Another edition of the Highlights Magazine is the Highlights Five which is very similar to the original magazine but focuses mainly on ages 2-6 years old.

Highlights Magazine for children can be purchased online for delivery to the home for month after month educational fun activities for children ages 2-12 and can help to inspire creativity, imagination and help children in their most formidable years. Get it today and enjoy!

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