social cliquesSocial cliques are highly popular nowadays especially in middle school and high school. If you were to enter a school campus in between classes, it will not be hard for you to identify these difference group references. Some people even allude others according to which crowd they are usually seen with. This list of school clans will help you classify their differences and observed descriptions.



If you have seen the movie “Mean Girls” you will definitely know how exactly preppy people dress like. They are the ones with the cutest hairstyles (they tend to spend quite a good amount of time in fixing their hair), they wear the cleanest and the latest brand/ style of clothing (Aeropostale, Hollister, etc. ), and do not forget, they are nice to everyone.


Movies and television shows commonly use Jocks as the “bad boyfriend” or “jerk” representatives. This group is mostly consisted of high school athletes (generally males). They are usually wearing jackets or shirts with their team or school name and the sport they are playing printed on it.


This term may have a negative interpretation. Nerds/geeks/dorks/ refer to individuals that are intellectually fascinated but not very social. They tend to reserve their time and use it by studying solely or in groups. They are the underdogs in some movies, and although they are made fun of a lot, these people have a bigger potential in contributing for general world improvement. Several websites consider Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates as nerds. Look at their achievements now!


This group in particular might either have members that wear mostly black/ dark clothes or extremely colorful. An emo is stereotyped as an emotional, shy, introvert, and not very sociable person. On the other hand, Scenes are fond of neon colors, with teased hair and heavy make up for some.


People affiliated with the school band, chorus or choir are categorized in this group. Many claim that this group is comprised of mostly “the good guys”, but those terms could be biased in some ways. Their memory is above average and are also considered as good listeners.


Even though students in school campuses are divided among different cliques, an individual should not be viewed by others through stereotypical judgements. Looks do not always tell you the 100% real characteristics of a person.