Aside from making sure that the weather is perfect for hiking and the trail is set, hikers should also remember to bring the right hiking gear. Not only will it make their hiking trip fun, it will also Hiking Gear (21820)make it safer. If you're clueless when it comes to hiking gear, here are some of the things that you may want to bring.

Start with basic hiking gear. Always bring food and water that are stored in the proper, spill proof containers. You should also consider bringing extra clothing such as jackets and hats. When packing extra clothing, you should take a quick look at the weather forecast so that you will get to know the types of clothes that you should bring.

Even if you're hiking with a guide, you should always bring a map and a compass or a GPS. You should always have something that you can use to map out where you are and something that you could use to find the right trail to follow. Always plan for the worst so you can expect the best.

Hiking Gear - Winter (21819)In line with planning for the worst thing that could happen, you should always bring an all-in-one pocket knife. Aside from being a good weapon to use if you need to defend yourself, it can also help you survive the wilderness if something goes wrong. Don't put the pocket knife in your bag though. Try putting it somewhere that is within your reach.

One piece of hiking gear you should never ever forget is your first aid kit especially if you're planning to go wilderness hiking. Nature might be beautiful and breath-taking, but it is also unpredictable. Aside from the usual bruises from falls or tripping over a root of a tree, you might also suffer from horrible insect bites. You should also bring a flashlight even if you're not planning to go on a long hiking trip

If you're planning on embarking on a long hiking trip on the other hand, then you have to bring sleeping bags. You might also want to consider bringing a lighter or a set of matches so that it would be easier for you to start a camp fire.

Have fun hiking the world!!