Red Rock Heaven

Red RockLast weekend I got the chance to take a hike in Snow Canyon State Park.  This is my third visit to the southern Utah park and it has never failed to amaze me.  Snow Canyon sits right next to the town of St. George, yet because of the way the canyon twists once you are inside it is easy to forget that the town is five minutes away.  There are lots of things to do including biking, horseback riding, camping, and hiking.  It costs $6 dollars per vehicle to enter the park.

Hiking Snow Canyon

The hiking trails range from easy to hard, short to long, and are always accompanied by a large array of colors. 

Johnson's Canyon was the first hike I did.  It is a short 2 mile round trip on a very easy-going trail.  We brought the baby a long because it was so easy.  It was a gorgeous canyon with a small stream running through the middle of it. 

Three Ponds Trail is an intermediate trail.  It is 3 and half miles round trip.  It takes you from the main road of the canyon into a very narrow canyon that from what I could tell used to hold water.  The hike isn't to steep or rocky but what makes it a little harder is the deep sand that we had to hike through.  It was a real workout on our calves.  The three ponds at the end were not so amazing but the hike to them was full of beauty and fun places to explore.

Lava Flow Trail Overlook is another easy 2 mile trail.  The trail takes you past some caves that used to be lava tubes.  It also leads you up some petrified sand dunes and provides an excellent view of the canyon walls and the white rock that contrasts greatly from the red rock.

Come Play in the Desert

One of the best parts about hiking in St. George Utah is that the weather is great most of the year.  If you want more information about Snow Canyon State Park check the website

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