If you are planning on hiking in BC, and are looking for a scenic and challenging trail, then Buntzen Lake would be your ideal destination. The Buntzen Lake hiking trails are not nearly as busy as the Grouse Mountain Grind or one of my favorite Vancouver places to visit, Deep Cove. Buntzen Lake is located in Anmore, about 10-15 from Port Moody, or about a 45 minute drive from Vancouver.

Hiking in BC is extremely appealing because BC is one of the most scenic places in the world. Buntzen Lake, much like the trails on Grouse Mountain and in Deep Cove is certainly not an exception. Buntzen Lake is nestled between what seems like an endless wave of mountains. Upon entering the recreation area to Buntzen Lake there is usually a flurry of activity when the weather is nice. There is a public beach, picnic/bbq area and is great for killing a hot afternoon sun-tanning if that is your preference. Buntzen is an extremely deep lake so the water is usually very cold, but luckily is equally as refreshing.

For those keen on hiking in BC, what really separates the hiking trails at Buntzen from the other hiking experiences is the variety. There is an abundance of trails that will accommodate hikers, mountain bikers and even equestrians. In Fact there are 13 main trails near Buntzen. The most popular probably being the Buntzen Lake trail. This trail loops approximately 8km around the lake and takes about 5-6 hours to complete. If you go counter-clockwise around the lake, the first 3 km are fairly easy, and there is a beach at the opposite end of the lake to rest at. There are some hilly areas once you get past the beach, so if you are not interested in the more challenging section it would be a good place to turn around.

Hiking in BC is extremely rewarding, and if it is something you enjoy, you would probably like kayaking as well. There happens to be a little shop just outside of Buntzen Lake that rents lake kayaks out for a fairly reasonable price. There is nothing like kayaking on a beautiful lake when the water is like glass on a hot day. If you choose to see Buntzen Lake this way, be sure to bring a camera.

In summary, Buntzen Lake has a trail for hikers of all different experience levels and offers a wide variety of activities. Grouse Mountain, and Deep Cove are some of the top Vancouver places to visit when it comes to outdoor activities, but Buntzen Lake is well worth visiting if you don't mind heading a little further out of the city.