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Fort Mountain has plenty of hiking trails for the outdoor enthusiast.  Located in Chatsworth, GA, the state park has more than 3400 acres filled with trails, camp grounds, historical sites, a lake, beach, and picnic areas.  Fort Mountain is 2,845 feet tall.  The park is open year round.

Inside the park visitors can view the 855 foot "fort", located just below the peak.  The most common accepted theory is that the wall was built by Woodlands Indians around 500 A.D. as a ceremonial structure.  There is also a legend surrounding the mountain that around 1200 A.D. the area was occupied by "moon eyed people".   These people were believed to be albinos, who were killed by the Creek Indians.

There are fourteen miles of trails for the hiker. 

Gahuti TrailCredit: Gahuti Backcountry trail circles most of the park area.  Its an easier trail for the advanced hiker, but may be very difficult for inexperienced hikers.  The trail is an 8.2 mile loop.  The park offers five primitive camping sites along the trail for those who want to take their time.  Visitors will need a permit to camp over night.  This trail is rated as strenuous and difficult, and overlooks the Cohutta Wilderness.  Old logging roads intersect with the trail, so be sure to follow the orange blazes that mark the trail.  Plan on about 5 to 7 hours to finish the trail.


Gold Mine River Trail is a loop that follows along the creek and intersects with the Gahuti trail.

The Lake Loop Trail takes visitors along the south side of the 17 acre lake across to the north side with access to the beach, miniature golf course, and picnic area.  The trail is about 1.2 miles in length.

Big Rock Nature Trail is a short trail 0.8 of a mile in length and consists of an old roadbed.  Visitors along the trail can expect to see waterfalls, the lake, and scenic areas.  Difficulty is rated at moderate, but most of the trail is easy to hike.


Fort Mountain Loop Trail or Old Fort trail is a little over one mile in length and one of the most popular trails.  This trail features beautiful views, and leads to an old fire tower.  The tower was built by the CCC in the 1930's.  There are also several signs along the way explaining how the indians used various plants as medicine.  The trail leading up to the tower is considered moderate to difficult.  To the west of the tower, visitors can follow a short trail to the overlook platform.

Fort Mountain state park also has several campgrounds available for those who wish to stay longer.  Contact the park for information on cost and to check for closings.  The park office phone number is 706-422-1932.  Hours are 7 a.m. - 10 p.m., with gates locked at 10 p.m.  Always take care when hiking and be observant of wildlife, and remember to bring out any trash that is brought in.