I have traveled to many places throughout the world. One of my favorite spots is the north Georgia mountains in the southeastern United States.  I have been lucky enough to vacation in north Georgia nearly every year of my life.  I usually visit in the summer or fall and spend time in places like Lake Burton and the Bavarian town of Helen. When visiting the area, many people stay in cabins at the park, in Helen, or in the surrounding areas.  Fall is an especially popular time of year as people flock to the area to see the vibrant colors of the tree leaves.

 I recently visited a lovely place in the north Georgia mountains called Anna Ruby Falls.  Anna Ruby Falls is located in the Chattahoochee National Forest.  To get there, you follow the signs to Unicoi State Park on Georgia 365 in White County.   Admission to the area near the Anna Ruby Falls visitors' center is $2 per person over the age of 12.  After paying the admission at a gate, you immediately park, and the trail going to the falls is on your left.  The visitors' center has a number of crafts from the area, restrooms, and a water fountain. 

The nice thing about the trail going to Anna Ruby Falls is that it is pretty easy.  In fact, it is paved, with wooden platforms for viewing the falls and the creek.  So, it is an easy place to take a child or someone who is not in the best physical shape.  There is one area of the paved trail that is a bit steep, but overall the Anna Ruby Falls trail does not involve difficult hiking. 

On the way up the trail to the falls, you can see huge, old trees and large boulders.  When we were there in August, we saw many different colored butterflies.  The forest covers the trail, so even in the heat of August, we were relatively cool. 

When you reach the top of the trail, you get a lovely view of two waterfalls where two creeks spill over the side of a cliff.  There are multiple wooden viewing platforms, but swimming is not permitted.  There are signs all over indicating the dangers of swimming near the falls.  The platforms provide great places to take photographs or relax to the peaceful sound of the flowing water.

The entire hike roundtrip takes 0.8 miles, so it can be accomplished in very little time.  In addition, there are other paths for more serious hikers and one path for people with visual impairments.  Overall, Anna Ruby Falls was an easy and enjoyable experience appropriate for even the most novice of hikers.