An unbaised look at a futuristic treadmill line

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I am a long time runner and enjoy training in the outdoors breathing in the fresh air. However, I live in
Canada and the outdoors can get very cold and snowy.
For when I am short on time
those valuable morning minutes before work I jog on an extreme incline treadmill
to burn calories.

About a year ago I bought a NordicTrack X3 treadmill to replace my old broken down
NordicTrack I had since the early nineties.
When I was shopping for a treadmill I was
looking for a treadmill that would offer something extraordinary.

Here is a list of the features that I liked

1. The 40 incline setting.
 This slant was just head and shoulders more than the competition. If you want a
 challenge and don't have a hill nearby, this incline can suck the energy right out of a person and burn a lot of calories
in a few Minutes or less.

2. The smaller length of the track.
I find that most treadmills are excessively long. It seems as though two people can run at
the same time on it.
The shorter length made it more convenient to store in my basement.
Two things to watch out for are make sure you don't have a low roof because with the higher incline your head may
hit the ceiling. To solve the problem run a little further back on the treadmill than normal.

3. Strong construction.

Dashboard for NordicTrack incline x3

I'm sharing this treadmill with 4 people and we use it a lot for training. I already had a good experience
with Nordic track using my old treadmill. Some treadmills I tested out in stores I felt were
made of cheap quality parts and could fall apart pretty quickly
The NordicTrack X3 is sturdy enough for flat or hill walking,jogging or sprinting.

4. Solid blowing fan.
Some of the cooling fans that were on other treadmills were poor.I could hardly feel any
air but not with the NordicTrack X3. When you are overheating it's invaluable to have a strong
breeze cool you down.

5. Reasonably priced.
Since I was sharing the treadmill the price shared between 3 people who made it
very affordable. I would recommend getting the best warranty possible. I purchased a 3 year
parts and labour warranty which included a refund of the warranty cost if I don't have any

6. Dashboard functions.
uphill jogging
Multiple calorie burning courses are available which show your progress on a mountain
picture on your dashboard. Also there is iFit technology which use tiny cards that put you
through an 8 week training period with audio coaching. It's quite a leap in evolution from the
treadmills of yesteryear.

The only negative I found with the dashboard was that the time clock was not on when
 the calorie reading was on, causing me to flip between two screens.

There really isn't much I would change about the treadmill except for

1.The magnet used to start and stop the machine easily falls off if it's touched.
The solution is to buy another stronger magnet.

2. Perhaps a louder internal speaker would be better.

3. I find the treadmill squeaking as I run on top of it at less than 4 incline. However the people
upstairs don't seem to hear much of anything.

I've had this incline treadmill for a year now and it's been great for hill training. No major
issues to report thus far.

I'm really glad to have purchased the NordicTrack X3. If you want to get in
shape in the privacy of your own home and be pushed to new limits check out the
NordicTrack X series. If you are serious about rapid fat loss and like a challenge believe me

you wont be disappointed.

burn calories with this incline trainer