There are a few tools that every handyman needs. Laser range meter is a must-have tool for the professional builder, dedicated DIY or tradesperson. It is also used by carpenters. Laser range meter can be found in many workshops.

Hilti has many different laser models in their line of tools including PR 25 Rotating laser and PP 10 Pipe laser. We are going to look specifically at the Hilti 202415 PD 4 Laser Range Meter.

Hilti is one of the world's leading companies in the field of electronics and electrical products. This company is one of the main manufactures of power tools for metalworking, woodworking, and concrete work. Hilti tools are known for their durability, reliability, and superb quality and the 202415 PD 4 Laser Range Meter is no different.

The Hilti 202415 PD 4 Laser Range Meter is a two-hundred-dollar investment with a multi-thousand-dollar benefit. It is practical and comes with easy to follow instructions. Single-button operation makes measuring fast and very reliable. It is designed to meet superior performance and exceptional durability. With proper care, it will give you many years of dependable service.

This tool is an ideal replacement for many of the traditional measuring tools. Conventional measuring devices such as ultra sound devices have their own drawback which makes them difficult to use in many situations. They are inaccurate over long distances and are time consuming for one person to use alone. Just aim it at the target, press the key and the range meters show the distance up to 230' with accuracy of ±0.083 inch and speed of 0.3 seconds.

This Hilti laser is small, lightweight and compact. Thanks to the soft grip design it fits securely into your hand. Basically, is small enough to fit in your pocket. It is 100 percent dust tight and waterproof. This tool features a rubber protective sleeve around the laser to help minimize the damage from drops.

The Hilti 202415 PD 4 Laser Range Meter comes equipped with sensor automated backlight designed to let you see the measurements readings even in the dark. The display shows results clearly. Single and final results can be displayed at the same time due to the three line display. It supplies measurement readings accurate to the millimeter. This avoids waist as only the exact amounts of working material need to be purchased. The result is savings in terms of both time and money.

It is a vital tool when it comes to the fast reliable and accurate measurement of the interior spaces. In no time at all distances can be measured and areas or volumes can be calculated.

Spaces with high ceilings can be measured at the push of a button with Hilti laser. The reading accurate to the millimeter appears immediately on the display screen. The dimensions of a large room containing obstacles can be determined simply by carrying out two distance measurements. This means that plans can be quickly, accurately, and easily. Basically, t is designed to make work easier and faster.

With this Hilti laser it is possible to add up measurement readings at the touch of a button. The last three reading are saved to the devices memory to be recalled at any time.

Overall, Hilti laser is designed and developed to maximize efficiency, saving you hours of time.