Have you ever heard a saying "Salt is white gold" or maybe "There is no life without salt"?

Some interesting facts

The intake of salt in small amounts in our diets determines the stability of osmotic pressure in the blood's plasma, thus allowing the metabolic processes to take place between the blood and the tissue. And, it turn out that thanks to potassium and sodium found in perfect amounts in high quality salt it also allows us to have all those amazing thoughts we have.

You are probably wondering, what makes the Himalayan salt so special? Crystalized Himalayan Pink SaltUnlike table salt or common sea salts, the Himalayan pink salt has been totally isolated from the outside world as it has been formed under pressure of Himalayan Mountains. It is believed to have formed around 200 – 250 million years ago when ancient oceans dried out. All the 84 elements within the pink salt have been preserved as they existed in the ancient oceans. It has never been exposed to environmental pollution! As a dietary product it is considered ideal for consumption without the need of any alterations or additives to it because it contains all the elements our bodies require and in ideal proportions.

Uses of Himalayan Pink Salt

Internal Use – Normal daily dose of Himalayan salt should not exceed 10 grams. When experiencing lack of salt in our body, the cell renewal and growth may become rather limited. The only possible reason not to use it internally with food is it will make your food taste different than you are used to but in a nicer way. Numerous research studies have confirmed that using the pink salt in our diets decreases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. For best effect you can either dilute 1 tea spoon in a glass of fresh still water (if left for 24 hours the salt will dissolve) and take 1 tea spoon of the salty liquid before breakfast, or you can replace your table or sea salt to Himalayan pink.

Cosmetic Uses – Himalayan MountainsExcellent results have been shown in the uses of salty water (dissolved salt in warm water) in the fight against spots, oily skin, various inflammations of the skin, dry skin, and skin allergies. It helps the skin maintain the moisture levels it needs, reduces inflammation, Kills bacteria which causes inflammation of spots, shrinks skin pores (reduces the risk of skin infections and inflammations). The use of Himalayan pink salt for cosmetic purposes over a longer period of time stabilizes and restores the pH balance as well as activates homeostasis.

Oral Hygiene - The use of Himalayan salt dissolved in warm water to rinse your mouth not only will solve the problem of bad breath but will also fight any inflammation and ulcers of the mouth.

Psoriasis and Arthritis - 800g per bath is required to create the necessary concentration of all elements. When salt stops dissolving in water it is usually an indication that the necessary 26% of the salt are already there to create the ocean salt levels. At present moment, according to various sources, there are big hopes placed on the Himalayan pink salt in influencing such autoimmune diseases as psoriasis and arthritis.

So, whatever your reasons may be for letting the Himalayan Pink Salt in your life, hope you and your loved ones will benefit from this wondering gift of Nature.