Tourist Attraction of Himachal Pradesh

Trekking in Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh

Most of the travelers live with the false notion that Himalayas are ended within the border of Nepal and Nepal is the only country which offers a chance to hike in the higher ranges of Himalayas but geographically it is incorrect. A larger part of Himalayas lie within the boundaries of India and Indeed couple of Indian states are blessed with these majestic mountains. Himachal Pradesh in the north of India offers some of the incredible trail for hikers. Himachal Pradesh borders Tibet and Kashmir. Himachal is famous for its pilgrimage sites, ancient temples, holy rivers and trekking trails.

Each district of Himachal offers diverse range of attractions for adventure seekers. Chamba district in the north of Himachal Pradesh is famous for trekking trails of Kugti pass and Mani Mahesh Lake. Both of these treks are moderately difficult where one needs to deal with Thin air and inclement winters. Due to heavy snowfall, both of these trails are closed during winters for tourist and only get open during summers. Kugti Pass is a favorite of avid trekkers those love challenges of higher altitude (above 5000 meter) and ready to walk on risky patches of snowcapped glaciers. It’s a 10 day trek passing through alpine meadows, remote villages, ancient temples and breath-taking glaciers. Covered with Snow for the larger part of the year, Mani Mahesh Lake is highly revered for Lord Shiva’s followers. It is some 13 km steep trek and only gets open for couple of months during summers. This trek also offers a special opportunity of sighting peak of Mount Kailash. Besides strenuous trekking opportunities, Chamba also offers laid-back options for vacationers. Dalhousi in the foothills of Himachal is one of the favorite honeymoon destinations of country.

Bordering Chamba, falls another exotic district of Himachal which is known as Kangra Valley. Kangra is home of world famous tourist destinations, Dharmshala and Macleodgunj. Unlike Chamba, Kangra is pleasant terrain and perfect for your extended vacations however there are some high altitude treks beyond Macleodgunj but not many trekkers take these unknown routes. Camping opportunities in the midst of alpine meadows are in surplus. Kullu valley falls in the middle of Himachal Pradesh bordering Parvati valley which is famous for many trekking trails those go up till Spiti and Lahaul valleys. However Kullu valley is primarily known for Manali and Rohtang pass. Without any doubt, Manali certainly wins the title “Queen of Himachal” with so many incredible attractions around for day trippers.

Parvati valley is quite off the tourist trail hence suitable for those seeking sheer isolation. Trek till Khiriganga from Manikaran offers incredible view of higher ranges. Further south lies Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh and the only town connected by railway track. There is nothing so spectacular on this side of Himalayas except a pristine village of Kasol which is now catching up as another major tourist destination of the country. Despite ordinary views and landscape, Shimla attracts truck load of tourists every weekend.

In the end come the remote districts of Himachal those borders Tibet on the other side. Kinnaur, Spiti and Lahaul are certainly the hidden treasures of Himachal Pradesh. Due to inhospitable terrain, thin air and inaccessibility, this region of Himalayas is scarcely habitat…. Undoubtedly Spiti and Lahaul are the most beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh blessed with pristine lakes, splendid monasteries, lost villages, unique culture. Very few travelers dare to ply on these roads of Himalayan plateau during summers. Spiti is also home to the highest village of India which lies at the elevation more than 5000 meter.  Despite of inclement weather conditions and challenging terrain, this part of Himalayas should be in your list if you want to see the real façade of the most exquisite mountain series of the world. As a true lover of Himalayas, one cannot skip Himachal Pradesh, the land of the mountain of Gods.