Call of Duty: Big Red One is a good Call of Duty game for the Xbox that follows the battles of the American Big Red One 1st Infantry Division in North Africa, Sicily and then France. As such, it includes a number of action packed missions against German, Italian and even Vichy French soldiers during Operation Torch. Here are a few hints and tips for the game's campaign missions.

It is worth noting that there are three stances. You can stand tall, crouch and lie prone. Of these, crouching is probably the best stance because you are far less likely to be hit by enemy fire than when standing. This stance is also quicker than lying prone, which is better only if under heavy fire. You can duck behind smaller cover such as barrels, vehicles, low walls or other battlefield debris when crouching.

You are also less likely to get hit when you are in buildings instead of the open. You can get fired at from a number of directions when you are running through the open between buildings. As such, when you can it's better to take out Axis soldiers from within buildings even if they are outdoors themselves, by firing through open windows and doors.

Keeping your distance from the Axis troops is also a good way to retain your health bar. As such, to do so you should consider picking up and keeping hold of longer distance guns to shoot with. Call of Duty: Big Red One has a good variety of guns that you can pick up on the battlefield, including longer distance guns such as the sniper rifle, which is the longest distance gun.

You can also further enhance the distance of any gun you have by aiming down the sight. Aiming down the sight gives you a slight zoom effect that can ensure greater accuracy from longer distances. When combined with longer distance guns, you can take out Axis solders and keep your distance from Axis guns. Press the left thumb stick to aim down the sight.

Aside from this, another good way that you can take out Axis soldiers from further distances is with grenades. While your supply of grenades can be more limited, you can also pick up grenades from Axis soldiers as well. Use grenades when there are lots of Axis troops ahead of you. Grenades are more effective when used indoors than out, so throw them into rooms full of Axis soldiers for best effect. Alternatively, consider sneaking up on Axis bunkers and throw grenades into them to wipe out German or Italian troops within them.

In Call of Duty: Big Red One you can also use stationary weapons. These stationary weapons include the MG42 that can take out large numbers of Axis troops quickly. So if you can find one of these make good use of it to wipe out the Axis solders. Remember that they can overheat after lengthy fire periods, so do not be too trigger happy with them.

And remember, the game also includes squad combat. Your fellow squad soldiers can take out a number of Axis troops for you, so stay close to your squad and they can provide you with good cover.

These are a few good hints and tips for the campaign missions, which may also be effective in multiplayer games. Crouch, carry a long distance gun, aim down sight for better shot accuracy, throw grenades at large numbers of Axis troops, stay in buildings when you can and stay close to your squad for extra cover.