InfoBarrel is very fortunate to have the person who is registered as LilBlackDress as a writer of that website. She has spent some of her spare time typing up hints on selling items by writing about the products in the forum for Info Barrel. She claimed that she knows people that have earned $15,000 a month by being an Amazon Associate.

It is very probable that Amazon is a great way to make money and maybe much easier than other affiliate programs such as Google Affiliate Network or an affiliate website such as Clickbank. One positive note about Amazon is that people find the shopping website a reliable place. When you sell items as an Amazon affiliate, you are providing the readers a chance to buy products with low prices. Moreover, the website absolutely supports the goods that are sold from them. They are likely to have quality items manufactured in dependable places.

Create Links

LilBlackDress wrote a long set of ideas that she has noticed they have given her the best results. The first hint is to have a strategically placed contextual links. Have one at top to take advantage of a click happy person. Create additional one or two links in the middle of your writing. Lastly, you definitely want to give the call to action at the end with an absolutely clean contextual link.

Use Pictures

LilBlackDres and numerous of her colleagues have not been able to utilize Amazon banner ads and widgets as effective tools to make sales. She recommends to add your own images and having them linked to a product page.

Choosing Certain Products to Sell

Now I shall share what LilBlackDress has mentioned about which products to try to sell. She stated doing research is necessary to understand which products will sell. Amazon affiliates must avoid highly competitive ones. This way you would be able to rank high for your keywords. If that happens, then shoppers would click to go to your writing to read about the product(s) they are curious about. It would be helpful fo you to earn commissions. Doesn’t it make a lot of sense to work with products that have a good amount of positive reviews? It would be quite a challenge for a person to be able to sell items that have some negative reviews. I am really convinced about that even if a writer attempts to put some positive spin on some negativity.

Earning commissions

There are more inspiring hints about products that LilBlackDress shared on Info Barrel’s forum. To earn a good amount of commission, you should focus on products that are priced at least a few hundred dollars. The rest of this paragraph pertains to your astore, assuming that you already have created one. Settle in just a few affordable products in your astore. The reason is because Amazon wants to encourage people to sell both higher and lower price goods. Therefore, you will have a higher commission rate after you sell a certain number of items. It is obviously that attempting to sell inexpensive items can help you reach the next level of commission rate. That is assuming you had been able to lure in at least above average number of consumers. Share with the readers some detail information about the product. If you’re not sure how to do that, then I think you need to browse around the Internet to see how other writers do it. Quality information is the key that helps you to receive clicks from your Amazon links. Also, look out and make sure you inform people about any other important facts about the product. A good example is telling the readers the link will lead them to the webpage that is offering the best price on the Internet. Another example is just simply stating “Free Shipping.”

Cookie on Your Browser

There are two things for sellers to note to themselves. Amazon has a tasty 24-hour cookie that enables sellers to get credit if a buyer decides to purchase an item hours later after clicking on the link with the reference code. Also, if a buyer purchases any other items that weren’t written about, the seller will also get credit for those sales. Isn’t that nice?

Unique Way to Find Products on Amazon to Sell

LilBlackDress even has a Super Sweet Hint for everyone to know. It centers to finding Amazon products that are both in a certain price range and have at least a certain number of customer reviews. On Google’s search engine, you type in the kind of products you are searching along with qualifier numbers. For example, you want to find laser mouse that cost at least $10.00 and have at least 7 reviews. On the search bar, you will type 7...700 customer reviews laser mouse site: $10...200. The meaning of typing three periods (...) and a numeral after that is to state the maximum number of whatever value you’re looking for. The search engine for Google is very capable of displaying the search results quickly.