Totally Spies Academy is a computer game based on the television show “Totally Spies” produced in Canada. In the game, you control one of the spies as she tries to solve a crime involving zombies. Use a combination of wits and spy objects to progress through the game and solve the crime. The game is available in English and French and is designed for girls between the ages of 8 and 12. There are only a few actual cheats for the game, but there are also strategy tips that will make wining the game easier. 

Basic Play

The game play in Totally Spies is adventure based. This means that you have to use objects inside the game to unlock new areas, solve problems and act similarly to how a real spy would act on the job. The game also includes small mini games with action sequences that are interspaced throughout the levels. It is necessary to beat these action sequences without dying to progress in the game. Most of the actions in the game are mouse-based, with some use of the arrow keys and space bar in the mini-games.


Unlocking Chapters

Unlocking chapters is necessary to progress in the game. Each chapter is unlocked by beating the previous level or by using a secret code to jump directly to that level. The codes are much faster, however, the game is not really fun without the actual game play. Complete a series of actions involving objects found in the game to solve puzzles and beat each chapter.


Secret Codes

You can skip levels in Totally Spies Academy computer game using secret codes to access each new level. There is an area where you can enter in level skip codes in the beginning of the game. Use code “X1r4n” to skip the first level. Use code “J5p2k” for the second level. Code “9nm23” unlocks the third level. Code “P753x” unlocks the secret in the fourth level. The fifth level code is “8j1k2” and the sixth level code is “Z4l6d.” Use correct upper and lower case letters to unlock each secret code.


Play Tips

Think outside the box when using items. For example, in the first chapter you have to defeat several zombies to progress. One option is to use a laser lipstick on one of the zombies to cause him embarrassment. This will cause his pants to fall and he will be defeated. Other metal exercises will help solve the puzzles in a humorous manner.