Simple moves that kill it on the dancefloor!

Here we go...

In this quick read, I'll run through the five or so hip hop dance moves that I have found to be reasonably easy to get the hang of as a beginner.

I hope you find them as much fun to perform as I have.

1. The Running Man.

This was the first really fun move I learnt when I started hip hop classes. There is a chance that only I think it looks good, but I do understand that some people may see it as a bit sad .

Anyway, with the running man, it is important to not be in a bolt upright stance when you perform it. You want to listen to the beat of the music and more or less "bounce" in time to it as you perform the movement.

Work on the timing as you look in the mirror. It will look great in no time and is an addictive hip hop move.

2. The two step.

This is possibly the first thing you'll do in a hip hop class, and everyone will be able to master the two step after only a five minute lesson. It's a pretty easy step, and looks great if you put some attitude into it and make it more passionate. You can easily add some movement to the step with your arms and move your upper body in different ways to experiement with the look of it.

The two step is a great way to start off any beginner dance routine.

3. Happy feet.

Happy feet is a fun dance move, and it does have some connection to the movie of the same name, but I am unsure exactly what that connection is. We will move on 

Happy feet is a sequence of steps done to either slower or faster beats, and both styles look fantastic. It's a simple bouncing movement and easy to master, but it has just enough variety in it to look like it's actually an advanced move. It is still a beginner movement, but it is a little bit more difficult than the first 2 moves mentioned above. I'm sure some good examples can be found on youtube.

4.  The Reebok

With the above, they are all movements involving the feet, and if you need something easy and high impact to do with your arms, then the Reebok is something you should look at. It's just a quick movement of the arms, performed in a kind of strange punch-like motion. 

I couldn't really find any good video examples of this so you'll just have to ask about it in your hip hop class. It's a bit difficult to describe here, but is a favourite move of mine.

5. The box

The is a good basic movement that can be learnt in 5 minutes in your first hip hop class. Named "the box" for the fact that the steps involved take a shape of a box, it's a series of steps that take your right across foot in front of the left, then the left foot goes back, then the right foot back and diagonal, and left foot back to join the righ foot and complete the movement. 

That's all there is to that move.

It's another move that looks good with attitude if performed slowly, but can also be sped up to a fast pace and that works well too. If it is performed fast, it can be used to dance to techno beats if you just shorten the steps. Looks nice in these high energy dance environments.

Don't forget to warm up and stretch when you are hip hopping. A warm down stretch is also good too.

Keep practicing and have fun with your hip hop!

See you on the dancefloor.