If you listen to a lot of audio books then you know just how expensive these can be to buy new. Often, you will find a new audio book will cost several times the cover price of the same book in paperback and those prices can quickly mount up. One of the ways in which fans of listening books get around these often exhorbitant prices is to choose to rent audiobooks by mail instead for a monthly subscription price.

There are numerous audiobook rental sites which allow you to rent spoken books online and have them delivered to your door. If you are familiar with a DVD rental site like Netflix then you will also be familiar with the principle behind how these sites work too.

Basically, you pay a single monthly subscription price, which then allows you to rent an unlimited number of audiobooks over the month and have them shipped to your door with free postage in either direction. Most audiobook rental sites offer different subscription packages so you can tailor the amount you pay and the way you receive listening books to best suit your needs, but the basic principle remains the same.

By renting audiobooks instead of buying them you can save a lot of money and its much more convenient too. As well as receiving books on CD many of these rental sites also offer downloadable audio books as well so you can have instant access to a wide number of audiobooks which you can play in MP3 format on any compatible listening device.

Audiobook rental makes sense not only because it can save you money but also because it gives you access to a larger number of audiobooks than you would otherwise have from a trip to a bookstore or to a local library. These rental companies have thousands of titles to choose from which not only gives you loads of options but also lets you perhaps check out new authors without taking as much of a risk as if you were to have to go and physically buy the book.

Some of these sites also give you the chance to rent paperbacks as well so you can mix and match with physical paperback and hardback novels to rent which might be ideal if you have several household members under one subscription plan.

A subscription package makes a great gift idea too for anyone you know who you think would enjoy the concept themselves as well, it's like gifting unlimited books, much better than a single present.

Audiobook rental sites make sense if you are someone who enjoys spoken word books and listens to more than a couple in a month, as you are more than likely to save money this way and the convenience just can't be beat.