Hiring workers to do the grunt work is a normal part of business growth. Hiring ghost writers should be considered in the same way. Writing articles can be considered grunt work because many people can do it.

Why You MUST Hire Ghost Writers


Your article writing is your business if you are doing it primarily to earn money. Any business must grow to survive. If you decide not to grow then other expanding article writing businesses will take your market and your income will shrink.


You can only use each hour in the day once. If you spend ten hours every day writing, then you are not planning how to grow your business. The writing can be outsourced; growing your business can never be farmed out to an employee.


Only you know where you want the business to be in five years time. The only way your business will grow is if you plan that growth. To make time to plan the growth you must hire ghost-writers to give yourself the time for tasks that only you can do.


Growth is essential to survival.


Who Needs Articles Ghost Writing?


Any individual who is trying to run an article writing business as a one-man band needs articles outsourcing, though very few ever get around to hiring a ghost writer.


Who Will Never Need Articles Ghost Written?


Any writer who is doing articles for pleasure, rather than income, is not thinking of the article writing as a business, so will have no need to grow that business.


When Should You Outsource Writing to Ghost Writers?


As soon as you find a niche where you can make money from your articles is the time to outsource a hundred articles in that niche. If you know you can make $3 a month from an article then it makes sense to pay a ghost writer $5, even $10 to write more articles like that one.


Once you are totally confident of your SEO and linking strategies is the time to outsource your writing. That is the time to try to dominate that niche by having hundreds of articles written all aiming at different keyword phrases within it.


How Do I Find Ghost Writers?


Ghost writers are all around you. All kinds of people do ghost writing. There are websites that will act as a go-between such as oDesk, Constant Content and TextBroker.


On oDesk you hire a writer to write your articles to your exact specifications. Usually you pay by the hour worked. A 500 word article will typically cost $3 or $4. You are sent screenshots of your writer's computer screen, so you can work out if they were working for all the time they have claimed. You can start on oDesk with one $3 article and see how it works out. oDesk just deducts your registered credit card at the end of each week for all work completed.


Constant Content have a library of articles that their writers have written on spec. You will usually pay more here, typically $25 for a high quality 500 word article.