Lake District

If like me you're not overly keen on flying then the idea of having a holiday in the UK really appeals. This isn't the only reason of course of why people should take holiday in the UK - just because they're too afraid to fly - there are many fantastic places to visit and it has beautiful scenery to boast. If you could guarantee the weather in the UK to be warm and sunny I can assure you that over 50% of people that decide to leave the country for their holidays would change their minds, the UK has beaches that could easily rival some of those in hot climates and it really is just the weather that lets it down.

All-inclusive holidays in the UK are hard to come by so many people decide to opt for self catering holidays where they can take all of the family. A log cabin is the perfect venue to take your family holiday to and if you have younger children then I would really recommend that you hunt out a holiday park and has a host of facilities. Choosing to stay at a holiday park will ensure that there are always things for your children to do so that if that British weather kicks into action they won't be too bored. If you don't have children and there is just two of you going away then you may well prefer to stay in a privately owned log cabin that isn't part of a larger development. These types of log cabin holidays are difficult to come by but they do exist.

The reason that log cabin make an ideal type of accommodation to spend your time in the summer is mainly down to the fact that they integrate nicely with the outdoors, have barbecue facilities and somewhere to store your bikes. If you should decided to stay one of the luxury log cabins and you can expect to find a spa pool on the veranda that will no doubt be positioned to take advantage of the splendid views on offer. Staying in the south of England will mean that you get warm summer evenings that stretch late into the night the chat away in the hot tub enjoying a glass of wine whilst the sunsets, sounds ideal doesn't it! You will find that it is much rarer to get warm summer evenings if you were to hire a Lake District log cabin though, as the North of the UK is somewhat cooler than the South.

Log cabins can accommodate up to 8 people easily and because they're generally offer spacious layouts you will not feel as though you are treading on each other's toes. Should you decided to go with a group of friends you could do your own thing in the day and meet up in the evening. Going with more people would mean you could spread the cost and hence you get a holiday cheaper.