If you were involved in an accident, taking legal action against the person who caused it will enable you to receive financial assistance from him, especially if you sustained injuries or suffered from property damage because of it.

However, the process involved in personal injury litigation may confuse you, considering that you do not know have vast knowledge of the law. Remember, you do not have to shoulder all the problems that you will likely face during the process.

It is advisable that you acquire the legal aid of a Los Angeles injury attorney if you are planning to sue the person at fault in the accident. Your lawyer has spent many years studying the law as well as handling different personal injury cases so rest assured that he can significantly increase your chances of being compensated.

You will likely need legal assistance if:

  • The other party's insurance company refuses to compensate you- If you were involved in a vehicle accident, the other driver's insurance company may refuse to pay you. In this case, your lawyer will present evidence which shows that the accident occurred because the other driver ran a red light or was drunk, thus enabling you to recover monetary damages for your injuries.

  • You are suffering from severe injuries- The monetary damages that will be awarded to you mainly depend on the injuries you sustained in the accident. Their severity is determined by looking at different factors like your expected recovery period and medical bills.

It will be the job of your lawyer to prove that you are entitled to receive a high amount of compensation, which will help you acquire the best medical treatment for your injuries.

  • You are suffering from permanent or long-term disabling injuries- If the injuries you sustained in the accident will greatly affect your appearance or capabilities for years or the rest of your life, your lawyer will help in determining how much money you are entitled to receive. Because your ability to work may be permanently impaired, he will see to it that the defendant will be able to provide you with enough financial assistance so that you can sustain all your basic needs in life.

  • You were exposed to a toxic substance- You can become sick after being exposed to various contaminants which may be found in soils, waters, foods, and products. Your lawyer will gather and present scientific data showing that your illness is caused by the defendant's negligence.