If you have hired a nanny you know that it can be a very lengthy process as you want to make sure you are hiring someone who is not only competent and qualified but also fits in with your family. With all the qualifications you have, hiring a nanny can be a very time consuming task.  Usually you be looking into several different nannies which means that you will have to conducts interviews, background checks, and reference checks. Doing all of these things takes quite a bit of time and you definitely shouldn’t skip any of these things. It is for your best interest to check backgrounds and references of potential nannies to make sure they are safe to be around your children. Don’t think you can skip doing these things as there are many unhappy families out there because they decided to let these things slide.  Your children are priceless.  It is not worth risking their wellbeing by taking shortcuts when hiring, just to save some time. You want to make sure you are finding qualified nannies as they are going to be spending a great deal of time alone with your children.


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Different Styles of Childcare

When you begin looking for a nanny you are going to want to know their approach to childcare.  There are many different approaches to childcare so make sure that your philosophy and your nannies match up. There have been many disagreements over how a child should be raised so make sure you hire a nanny that has the same beliefs in child rearing as you. 

The same thing goes with disciplinary actions. How a nanny punishes your children could be different than your way and it may be a punishment you do not approve of. So when you interview potential candidates ask them about their ways of punishment and discipline.  If they use a different method than you do ask them if they will do punishment the way you do.  If they refuse you may not want to hire that particular nanny and should continue searching until you find someone who shares your disciplinary thoughts.

Babysitters need to have experience with children.


Every nanny is different. Some nannies have been doing it for years others just for a month are two. When it comes to hiring a nanny you need to realize that you may have to do some training with them. The reason you should train the nanny is to help them get acclimated to the new surroundings. You can’t just throw a nanny into a situation and expect them to just know what they are to do. It is important that you over the children’s’ schedules and show the new nanny where everything is stored or located in your house. Training is an essential part of making sure your nanny is ready for the job and can last just a few hours or could take a few days. 

Housekeeping and Other Duties

Don’t’ assume that a nanny is going to do your housekeeping. Many nannies will do your housekeeping but not everyone is comfortable with that. Cleaning up after the children and leaving the house the way it was when the nanny arrived is considered an appropriate amount of housework for a nanny. Usually doing things such as cleaning the bath or mopping the floors is not in their job description.  If you want your nanny to be doing these things then you may need to negotiate a pay raise with them.

It is important that you go over the job expectations and duties with a nanny prior to hiring them. Going through the duties and expectations will allow a nanny to make sure they are able to perform all of what is expected of them. Knowing the duties that are included in the position will help a nanny decide if they can fulfill the job, it will also allow them to ask questions pertaining to the job.

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Hiring a nanny can be a daunting task but it is something that needs to be done thoroughly so you can ensure that your family is getting a competent nanny that will fit it in. Make sure you ask potential candidates good questions, train them properly, and go over the duties expected of them so that you can ensure that your nanny will be successful with your family.