Choosing and buying the right wedding rings

Best wedding ring designs

The choice of wedding ring is particularly important due to the fact you will wear them all the time. So the question then arises about how to make these rings even better. For some people designing their own his and hers wedding rings, matched perfectly and at a reasonable price is the answer.

In the past only specialized jewelry shops had the particular service where you could design matching wedding rings. However, to get the rings you dream of you not have to apply for a loan these days. Having some knowledge about how to go about designing these rings so both bride and groom are happy is important.

These are some worthwhile hints and tips to design matchning his and hers wedding rings:

Getting the right setting is the first important decision. Get acquainted with all the many settings so you can make the right choice for yourselves. There are many unique shapes which include: pear, round, oval, emerald, marquis, radiant, heart, and Asscher. The choice of metal is the next step.  These include gold, platinum, white gold and even sterling silver. Most people will have a specific preference here.

Then pick out the stone you would like. The diamond is the most popular choice. But don't feel you have to go with convention. For engagement rings, an emerald is often the choice. There is no requirement that means a diamond is the only choice. Try to be different and make the decision based on your own preferences.

When making the choice think about some of the other aspects of the ring like the choice of metal. You may decide diamond cut bands are the way to go, even though the bands are usually flat. Rings with two metals are becoming more popular. Combinations of white and yellow gold, or platinum and yellow gold are common choices here.

The choice of solid gold rings or one with small precious stones is something you need to consider.  This is one way to match the wedding bands. If the engagement ring includes an emerald then smaller emerald chips within the wedding rings will match perfectly.

However, whatever makes you the happiest is the most important consideration. There is lots of choice in all the main facets of the ring such as metal, stone, stone size and the cut of the ring. If you are going to wear a ring forever then it needs to be perfect for you.

Next Step

You will now need to locate a store with a good design service with reasonable prices from the many places around. Getting a recommendation from friends or family is a good idea.