Have you ever been to a Hispanic wedding? There is no such thing as a Hispanic wedding, but there are traditions that happen in weddings that Hispanics tend to do. The Mexican culture is rich and blends over to ceremonies that people celebrate.

Some of the traditions that happen as a part of these weddings occur before the actual wedding day. It's true and because of these events the wedding is what it is. In other cultures the parents of either the bride or groom would save up money so that sponsorship would not be an issue or needed. In a Mexican wedding is it almost a given that sponsorship is needed. So what happens is the bride and groom would ask their immediate family to pitch in and give money toward the ceremony. So if the uncle of the groom gives money towards the cake it is known that the uncle did so. Sponsors are then printed on the order of service that is given on the day of the wedding.

Asking for sponsorship is not considered a weakness but a sign of encouragement because family is important and in the Mexican culture it is a given that family will pitch in. Now this is not always the case because if the family does not approve or the marriage or if it's an unexpected marriage then money may come in but not as high as a planned wedding.

Before a girl is given away to another man, the man is to ask the father of the bride for permission to marry the daughter. This is extremely important because Mexican men like to be respected on honored, especially when it comes to their family. Fathers of Mexican girls have been known to say no to the man and his word has stopped weddings. Daughters know to stay in good standing with both parents especially the father. Daughters are a lot harder to let go of so it's important for the father to always be considered when a man is going to get engaged.

Both set of parents are to be on the same page. There must be an agreement so the wedding can have both sets of parents participating in the wedding. It has also been known for one set of parents to now be a part of the wedding because of some disagreement. It's unfortunate to only involved one set of parents but this happens way too often.

As you can see there are some Mexican wedding traditions that must be given attention. If some of these actions are skipped you may be starting a marriage in an unhealthy way. So make it a point to involved the family in the wedding process because as mentioned above, they do have a stake in the relationship since they will be paying for a portion of the wedding.