The United Kingdom is a historic haven

In the UK, we are lucky enough to have something called The Heritage Accommodation Guide, which is a collection of historic castles, manor houses and cottages that are all available for a historic weekend away.  This guide will help you to identify wonderful historic locations to explore the wonders and splendour of the UK's protected architecture. We thought we’d bring you our guide to the most spectacular historic hotels and accommodation in the United Kingdom, starting with castles.

Castles are the ultimate historic accommodation, dating back to the middle ages. They were first build as a type of fortified structure to house Middle Eastern and European nobility. Large castles were built to identify an individual or a kingdoms’ territory and due to the fantastic structure and workmanship we have been able to preserve them to this very day. Castles are commonly used as wedding locations, especially around Scotland but some have been transformed into luxurious hotels and self-catered accommodation.   

Amberley Castle
Credit: Photo by Nealy-J via Flickr

Amberley Castle is situated in the stunning countryside of West Sussex. The castle is an incredible 900 year old property and is surrounded by acres of well-kept gardens and grounds. You can sit on the terrace and take in the beauty of the South Downs or take a stroll to the picturesque village of Amberley. The luxurious castle experience doesn’t end with the building, most of the 19 suites have four poster beds and all feature spa bathrooms. If the castle’s history isn’t enough to keep you entertained there is a tennis court, croquet lawn and an 18-hole golf course. What more could you want?

The Grosvenor Hotel
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Perhaps a little bit more discrete but just as elegant, The Grosvenor Hotel in London is a stunning example of preserved history. The hotel was originally opened in 1862 and was designed by J T Knowles. It was the first hotel in London to have lifts and features a stunning Italianate style façade and a French Renaissance roof. The hotel is close to several famous landmarks including Buckingham Palace and The House of Parliament.

The hotel has only recently reverted to the traditional name of The Grosvenor Hotel, the hotel manager explains why: “Renaming the hotel as The Grosvenor reflects the historical importance of the hotel. We endeavour to offer our guests an experience which combines the Victorian elegance of yesteryear with the high standard of service delivered with a human touch and the range of facilities you expect from a grand hotel.”

Prestonfield House
Credit: Photo by jojo 77 via Flickr

If this Victorian beauty isn’t lavish enough for you then Prestonfield House in Edinburgh will be. Presonfield house is a luxurious 5-star boutique hotel first built in 1687 by Sir William Bruce, a Scottish architecture. It is situated on grounds close to Arthur’s Seat and is often used for wedding receptions and houses its own award winning gourmet restaurant, Rhubarb. This hotel is renowned for its grandeur and has played host to a number of celebrity guests including Winston Churchill, Sean Connery, Elton John and Catherine Zeta Jones.

There are of course more low-key historic building, self-catered cottages that have been around for hundreds of years however we’ve picked ones that are sure to delight! Those selected are sure to give any guest the experience of being royalty.