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Historic Spanish Point is one of the Florida attractions you can go visit during day trips to Florida via cheap trips to Florida. It covers 30 acres and is in Osprey, Florida and is run by the Gulf Coast Heritage Association, Inc. and it is located at 337 N. Tamiami Trail to find it.

The museum features many interesting things to see such as exhibits on archeology, pioneers, gardens and even some guided tours. The tour lets you do a walk through to see how the history of the area, as well as the nature, was throughout the years. There is a Butterfly Garden, a Fern Garden, a Jungle Walk, and you will see the Little Sarasota Bay.

The admission is $10 for adults and there are lower rates for kids and seniors. It’s open Monday through Saturday but the hours and prices are of course subject to change, so check ahead if you are planning a trip to see this museum.

What does Historic Spanish Point Offer Visitors?

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The Historic Spanish Point is a museum. It covers three time eras, including prehistoric times in the area 5,000 years in the past, Pioneer times in the area from 1867 to 1910, and modern times from the area’s Palmer Years from 1910 to 1980 (it was Bertha Matilde Honore Palmer’s house, who was widow to Potter Palmer).

Palmer came to the area in 1910 and bought the property and made it her homestead and she also had 1,000s of acres where she raised cattle and grew citrus trees. Her grandson was the one who sponsored Ripley P. Bullen’s excavation that took three years and is where the museum now stands.

Educational Programs are Available

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Historic Spanish Point also features several educational programs at various times throughout the year. There are programs for school students such as the Adventures in Learning field trip. In this program, students can learn about the prehistoric past of the area, as well as learn about the pioneer timeframe. This is done by using storytelling, along with a tour featuring costumed guides that shows the kids the historic sections of the park. They also see a weaving demo and get to go on an archeological dig that they can actually participate in. 


Besides this program, there are summer youth day camps, a speaker’s bureau, seasonal sunset strolls through the park with guides, and a seasonal program on living history where people can volunteer to dress up in period costumes and become part of the program.

Florida Attractions to see at Historic Spanish Point

There are several interesting sites you can see and you might even want to stay in one of the cheap hotels Florida so you won’t miss a one of them. Some of these include:

Visitors’ Center at Osprey School

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This is one of the visitor sightseeing options in Florida you can see at Historic Spanish Point. It was once a school, but is now the Visitor’s Center. Here is where you can get information about the park, as well as buy memberships in the park, or buy tickets to go through the site.

The Historic Spanish Point Gazebo

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The Gazebo is another of the sightseeing options in Florida and is like the original one that Palmer had on her property between 1910 and 1918. It is a great place to relax and unwind during your visit.

The Historic Spanish Point Palmer Water Garden

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This interesting site to go visit on your day trips to Florida was also made by Palmer for use on her estate at Osprey Point.

Other Florida Attractions at Historic Spanish Point

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There are many other things to see such as a prehistoric burial mound that has unearthed shark teeth, pottery and more. You can also see sights such as the Webb Packing House, a replica of a sailboat called Magic, Mary’s Chapel, a pioneer cemetery, Lychee Field, Guptill House, Pioneer Boat Yard, an Archaic Midden, the Cock’s Footbridge, Point Cottage, and a large prehistoric exhibit called a Window to the Past.

Historic Spanish Point is also known for being an environmental museum. Within the area there are various animal habitats where several varieties of birds and insects thrive including several kinds of Butterflies. There are plants from more than 50 percent of the types of native plants in the whole country to view on nature trails in the park.