The concept of contact lenses has been around since 1508, these were later manufactured by a glass blower and fitted into your eye ball. The first soft plastic contact lenses were made in 1971. In today's society contacts are not only used for correcting vision problems or replacing glasses. They can also add color for cosmetic purposes, or for acting and modeling. Many people use them just for fun to add a little mystery to a look.

There are many different colored contact lenses, the most popular color is actually not brown or blue, it is green. Green is the most popular color for contact lenses for a few reason, they can change all different shades of eyes to a lighter or darker hue. If you have dark eyes, you can wear an opaque lenses and change the color, and if you have light eyes you can just wear a tinted contact to brighten your eye color. This popular color is also available to you if you have a need for bifocal type contact lenses or you need lenses for an astigmatism.

There are contacts made for short term use, those can be worn for up to a couple of weeks and should be cleaned daily with no rub cleaning solution. Green color contacts made for extended wear should last you up to one full year, and should be cleaned with a no-rub solution as well as cleaned with enzymatic tablets once a week to help keep them disinfected. No rub solutions are important because they can help protect your lenses from being scratched or damaged. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning your lenses to avoid particles from hurting them or discoloring them.

You should store your contacts in a case that will have firmly screwed on lids so that it will not leak in your pocket or your purse. The case should have plenty of no rub contact solution so that your lenses do not dry out. Green color contacts, or any type of contacts for that matter should not be shared. Sharing contacts can pass bacteria from eye to eye and cause infections or redness.

Be sure that you have a written prescription that your doctor wrote for you. If you buy non prescription contact lenses they may be to wide for your eye and scratch your eye causing permanent damage. Green color contact lenses are very popular, but you should make sure that you are cleaning and taking care of your lenses so that you can keep your eyes and lenses in good health.